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Sure, it sounds a little wacky. The AARP advising its members ages 50 and older not to be flashing the flesh? But it's a new twist on the old romance scams that drive people to lose their shirts. Think about it: Do you want a picture of your junk to end up in the hands of your mother? Or your boss? Or your pastor? But she argues that the odds are really good that the scammers only want your money. They're not going to really expose your private, er, moments. If you don't give in easily, they're going to dump you faster than that bad date in high school.

They're just out for quick kicks — and cash. The first line of defense is not to play along when someone you've been chatting with online — and never is available to meet in person — asks you to send a photo that you'd never want to show up anywhere else. It's far easier, after all, to admit that you fell for the old Microsoft tech support scam or the scammer who threatened to arrest you at home if you didn't put money on gift cards to pay your taxes. Nofziger, though, has talked with several victims who have called the AARP Fraud Watch Network hotline to talk about this nude photo scam, which she says has been on the rise since the fall.

It might be another version of the sextortion scam that I wrote about back in where scammers threatened you by claiming to expose your porn habits. As part of this new service, the consumer also receives some advice on what to do when it comes to a particular problem.

The site is also in Spanish at ReporteFraude. As part of the latest skin scam, the crooks will try to put you on edge and demand that you send money very quickly, maybe even in the next 30 minutes, to avoid those embarrassing photos being leaked to your loved ones or the powerful people in your life.

Sending money to an app is easier than leaving the house and telling your wife or husband why you're going out to buy gift cards when it is 11 degrees outside. Now that we're moving into year two of the pandemic, it's getting harder to meet that special someone at a wedding or a ballgame. Or frankly, even the company cafeteria, where I met the love of my life. They aren't able to go to the clubs. They're taking it online," Nofziger said. We look for love — or a few laughs — wherever we might find it. Many people feel lonely and vulnerable. And the scammers know it. And the s were likely higher in More: South Haven model shows a different side of romance scams.

More: Fake jobless claims now trigger tax troubles for victims. Maybe our inhibitions are down after we've had a few drinks while flirting online. Maybe we're thrilled to hear someone say we're handsome or pretty. What could it hurt to send a few sexy shots? The naked photo scam appears to be a one-night-stand for scammers. The scammers might troll for victims on dating apps or social media sites. You might not even be looking for romance.

One consumer told me his romance scam started after he posted a comment on a Facebook public group site named Vintage Baseball Photos. The scammer liked his comment and the woman asked to become friends. One message led to another and before you know it, the so-called Marine was asking for money on Steam Gift Card to cover some emergency.

The consumer didn't lose any money because he told the woman that the gift cards could be bought online. Romance scammers don't worry about whether they packed on pounds during the pandemic or if the gym is closed or isn't during the pandemic. They just go online to steal hot looking photos of a social media influencer or someone in the military.

I wrote a column last November about a South Haven man, who spends the winter in Florida, who has heard from a dozen upset women who say they've been scammed by crooks using his pictures. And how about that pretty woman — the one who goes to church and everything — and really seems to have made a love connection with you? Your new soulmate? She is probably some ugly dude in another country trying to rip off consumers via the latest hot scam.

Guys know what guys want to hear," Nofziger said. Contact Susan Tompor v ia stompor freepress. Follow her on Twitter tompor. To subscribe, please go to freep. Facebook Twitter . There's a nude photo scam going around — and it's as bad as it sounds.

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