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In Register. Online now. topic Next topic. Forced bi - is it ethical? I realize this is a rather loaded question. But, I am genuinely asking, because I'm admittedly a bit confused by the premise, and by its potential execution. Also, I'd like to preface this by saying I am an actual bisexual person, so this isn't any shade to other bi or gay people.

These methods have been labeled as cruel and damaging, and are not sanctioned by any psychiatric association at least, not in my country -- I can't vouch for others. It's considered by many, myself included, to be a form of torture. If it's bad to make gay people touch themselves to straight porn, or otherwise put them into forced heterosexual situations Or be sexual with other people of the same gender, when they themselves would not choose such a thing?

There must be something about all this that I'm just not understanding. So I'm hoping someone can maybe fill in the blanks here. Or just tell me I'm right and it's weird, that's also an option. Thanks in advance, if you have any thoughts to share on this. My thoughts exactly. I came across so many who wanted me to do forced bi, even from the start. To which I had to decline and was called rude and other names for it. There is no such thing as forced bi. Even in CNC there are still safe words to stop the scene. The forced bi allows them to act out same sex acts but still allows them to identify as straight since the act was forced on them.

Forcing anyone to do anything they havent consented to isnt ethical. Its as simple as that. Humiliation, and degradation plays a big part in this, its a turn on for the sub, but maybe not sexually, but the humiliation element, aspect is.

I think DrWakko is also correct that for many the fantasy of not having a choice re an activity, though one would hope its based on consent, allows some people to enjoy, or partake in something they would not normally enjoy or want to do. Humans are complicated. If its a fantasy and the person is bi leaning, willing, and its negotiatioable- sure. It can still be considered forced bi. If it is a hard no. Then no. It can be incredibly damaging. Forced bi is a guise for sexual assault within the hetro male submissive population and less reported then hetro men not in lifestyle who have been sexually assaulted.

Eren wrote:. DrWakko wrote:. MasterBear wrote:. Follow us on Twitter. For billing inquiries, please visit ccbill , our authorized sales and service agent. The most loved post in topic. I'm sorry to hear that. I know some Dommes who have it as a requirement for the subs they seek, but also one who requires that they not actually like it. So, it doesn't sound right to me, and of course your situation doesn't either.

But, having read some of the other comments here, perhaps it depends. Perhaps this all depends on the Dominant and what the specifics are, but I know one in particular who sparked these questions for me, and I'm not so sure what she's doing is always ethical. Or maybe it's just mislabeled, or something. I guess I'm seeing now, via these comments, that it depends on the parameters set by the Dominant. And I believe that for the ones who are doing things ethically, yeah, it's not really forced, it's "forced", because it's a scene. I just don't think it always goes that way, and some Dominants engaging in such things are actually doing harm.

The humiliation aspect just raises further questions, for me. Why should it be humiliating to want to engage in a homosexual act? I understand the logical answer to that question, I know many people are shamed for such things I have been too , but..

Should they not somehow be made to feel comfortable embracing their sexuality? This is a lot to wrap one's head around lol. And yes, I agree, humans are very complicated haha. As is their sexuality. There's just so many things a person can be, and ways to express those things. It boggles the mind. I agree, but I mean like, really, really straight.

The sub is straight, and she actually prefers that he NOT enjoy the bi things she has him do. He is only ever allowed to touch himself if it is edging to gay porn. This is the kind of situation I don't understand. I want to believe that she is not being harmful, and that the sub does somehow find real enjoyment in the bi things he is told to do, but it really does not seem that way to me.

It's possible that there's just more to the story, things that would make it make sense, but

Forced bi

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What do guys think of forced bi?