Best spanking positions

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Spanking itself is quite arousing. It involves one of your biggest sex organs — your skin! People tend to forget how exciting skin touch can be and they go directly to the genitals during sex and foreplay. But the fact is your entire body can be sensitive and be a part of your sex life if you use it in the best way. In this article, I am going to reveal how to spank safely , where to spank , and the best spanking positions.

No matter you are into some gentle play or severe punishment, this is the guide for you! Spanking is the most common BDSM activity and it can be used during foreplay and sex. The act of spanking can be sexually arousing or simply be a punishment or an obedience training. The intensity of spanking can range from light tapping to severe caning and you may use different types of implements, such as hands, paddles, canes, whips, for different types of sensation and intensity. As mentioned, spanking is about fully integrating your biggest sex organ — your skin!

You probably already touched and stroked your partner, making them feel more sensitive and tingly. Spanking is just an upgraded version of stroking. Some light taps on the butt can drain the blood to the surface of the skin and make it super sensitive. Butt is a pretty awesome thing! It has all these amazing paddings, which enables you to take a good slap. This means that no matter with light little taps or something a bit more forceful, a shivering vibration will go through your flesh and spread all the way to your genital area, which gives it a subtle, yet pleasant sensation.

Another great thing about spanking is the anticipation it can build. Just like your body can feel more sensitive when you are being blindfolded, spanking provides the same kind of arousal. The atmosphere is so tensed and the butt is so tensed. The next hit can be in one second, two seconds, or ten seconds. The break between each spank is devastating and that waiting in between can be really quite arousing. However, you should remember that spanking is just an upgraded level of stroking. Safety confirmation plays a big role when you try to convince your partner to try some spanks.

You actually enjoy the process. It also helps if you tell him how much the sting can arouse you. Your words can easily be justified once he notices that you get wet from getting spanked. Your moist can be the best encouragement. Either you want to be a spanker or a spankee, you MUST talk to your partner before trying spanking. After trying spanking for a few times or even during sex, I suggest to communicate or just give some feedback. You and your partner will adjust the pace and intensity during the process.

Image Credit: The Stockroom. After one or few trials, you and your partner may or may not like involving spanking in your bedroom. I have to say you should try it because most couples end up loving add spanking to their sex life. When practicing BDSM activities like spanking, please do make sure you set up a safe word before you start exploring because you need to be able to know you can stop the spanking activity at any time during the exploration. Hands are the most common tools when it comes to spanking.

Beginners are suggested to choose tools that have a broader surface , such as paddles and floggers. These implements create less pain and they are easier to control. If you are an advanced player and really want to give a serve punishment or really want to receive some hardcore spank, you may choose tools that are more rigid and have a narrower surface, such as wooden canes and whips.

Canes can create a lot of pain and whips are really hard to control, so, either you are the spanker or the spankee, make sure you are fully prepared and practiced before diving into the hardcore spanking. I will discuss the tools in more details in the second half of the article. You may jump to that part if you just want information about what tools to choose.

Where should you hit? You should warm up the butt first. By warm-up, I mean making some gentle physical touches — stroking, caressing, pinching, licking, nibbling, all that good stuff can be a part of the warm-up process. Basically, the area you should aim for during spanking is the fleshiest parts aka. The butt cheeks and you must keep your strokes only on the nicely padded area of the bottom. You can start by hitting a bit lower down part of the butt and then start coming up.

Avoid upper buttocks where the pelvic bones locate because that can be really unpleasant and may cause some undesired damage to the body. Another area you can go for is the upper part of the back of the thighs. The pain is sharper and more intense when this area s hit. Believe me, you dom will burst into tears after a few harsh canings on that area. Spanking there really sends those vibrating ripples straight to the genital area. It feels absolutely amazing! Believe me, this is a spot that can get your partner super wet. During spanking, one mistake most spankers tend to make is about aimless smashing the butt checks instead of going all over the place.

You may start by hitting the butt cheeks and generally come to the sweet spot and focus on the sweet spot. If you are stroking with an intense tool such as a cane. Make sure your strokes are done parallelly. If you make a cross mark between strong strokes, it can be really painful and can make your spankee bleed.

So, unless you both agreed on doing something hardcore. But anyhow, the magical things about the butt cheeks is that they are really padded. And for most people who only take light spanks for bedroom fun, the marks and the rosy pink color will disappear quickly.

Summary: basically, you should aim for the best places to begin with spanking — between the top of the butt and above the backs of the knees. Never spank the buttock bones, never spank the front of the body. Also, avoid the kidney part. And never spank the back at the spine — anything like that- you are really focusing it between the top of the butt there and above the backs of the knees.

It is also about putting yourself back to real life because spanking or any BDSM activities could be rather emotional and intense. The most common way is to communicate about the spanking process after the sex , making sure everything is still well. Other frequently used ways for aftercare include cuddling, giving verbal praise e. Many sex educators claim aftercare is always necessary after a spanking activity. That can well bond the relationship and make sure the next time will be even better.

In the spanking world, your spanking implements do matter! Different implements can create different sensation and intensity. Besides, some implements are easier to operate while others really require practices and skills to manage. I will introduce 8 tools, from low to high intensity. These tools cover all levels of player, you can choose what suits you the most. This is the safest and most common approach.

Not only could you save yourself some money but palm spanking is great for beginners. Besides, for the spankee esp. A spanking paddle is a great choice if this is your first spanking tool purchase. Many paddles are dual-sided, so you have a couple of sensations to play with. Besides, paddles come in a variety of rigidity: some are firmer than others. So, I suggest the beginners use a flexible paddle because it can absorb some of the shocks and it reduces the sensation that hits your partner, which makes it easier for the spankee to take.

Best spanking positions

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