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In late November, Cam Casey, a TikTok star with over seven million followers, was relaxing at home when he decided to a video of a science experiment that resulted in a Coca-Cola bottle exploding to Snapchat. Casey, 19, had read that the company had introduced a new TikTok-like feature called Spotlight within the app where users could share short-form videos.

He wondered if some old videos from his camera roll could get traction. Two weeks later, Snapchat came calling: Mr. Casey was one of the top performers on the platform and was going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Encouraged by his early success, he began posting more videos β€” sometimes up to per day β€” ing fresh content every few minutes from 8 a. Casey is one of thousands of people around the world now amassing small fortunes through Snapchat.

The company did not specify an end date for distributing this much money per day. Many of these new Snapchat tycoons are famous TikTok stars and Gen Z influencers, but average users are also striking internet gold after their videos go viral. When she noticed the new Spotlight feature on Thanksgiving, she decided to a video of her sister deep frying a turkey.

Two weeks later, Ms. Romo learned that her video was so popular that it had earned her about half a million dollars. The company said it determines payment amounts based on unique video views and proprietary internal metrics. For years, the company focused on being a messaging platform, and offered internet talent no way to earn money or grow their followings.

With Spotlight, Snapchat aims to change that. Similar to TikTok and other TikTok-inspired apps and features including Instagram Reels, Spotlight is a stream of endlessly updating content or, more precisely, an algorithmically curated feed of vertical videos. The same things that are popular on TikTok are popular on Spotlight: dancing videos, prank videos, challenges and tutorials. The primary difference on Spotlight is the absence of public like counts or comments.

And when videos go viral, the creator makes money, even if they are not influencers. Meme s and viral aggregators are already trying to manipulate the feature by ing videos ripped from YouTube and TikTok. Katie Feeney, 18, a high school senior in Olney, Md. Feeney said the cash has opened up new opportunities already.

Feeney said. Professional content creators have been cashing in the most on Spotlight. Some small and midlevel creators have struggled for years to eke out a living as full-time influencers. They made their money off a patchwork of brand deals and by selling merchandise, but platform monetization was mostly not happening on Snapchat.

Joseph Albanese, the C. Casey said his Snapchat success has provided him what feels like a ticket to the top of the Los Angeles influencer hierarchy. Casey said. As TikTok has become a more crowded and competitive space to break out, young people are sensing opportunity in Snapchat, especially given that they can potentially make money so soon. In recent weeks, payments on Spotlight have also already been getting smaller as the pie is divided between more users every day. More people are posting. Followers are their own type of currency and, in some ways, just as valuable as dollars.

For brands to take notice of Snapchat stars, the platform must demonstrate that it is a place that incubates and fosters talent β€” and popularity. Most people on the internet know what a TikTok star is, but an archetypal Snapchat creator has yet to be defined. In order to keep up momentum, Mike Metzler, 33, a Snapchat creator and social analytics researcher in Houston, said that social media creators and those who work in the industry have banded together to discuss their earnings and boost each other up.

Some Spotlight creators are discussing creating their own Snapchat collab houses. Casey said he had a call with Snapchat to pitch something similar to the Hype House, but that the company indicated they were concerned about the legal issues that might come along with funding such a thing.

Andre said. For the time being, Mr. Casey and Mr. Rogoff, newly minted Snapchat millionaires, share a room in a cramped apartment with friends in Studio City in Los Angeles. They discuss Snapchat strategies from their separate beds. After Mr. Casey gives some of the money away to family members in thanks for raising and supporting him , he said he wants to invest the rest of it back into his work.

Style Snapchat Wants You to Post. Word Travels Fast Professional content creators have been cashing in the most on Spotlight. The word is already spreading among young people.

San diego snapchat users

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Snapchat Wants You to Post. It’s Willing to Pay Millions.