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I had to wear tights like pantyhose for a festival when I was 14, and got totally hooked on them. My first pair were in dark green thick wool and nylon and did not really fit properly the crotch was two inches lower that my own, and it was very, very uncomfortable.

I went and bought a pair of denier nylons the next day and they were perfect fit. I loved them. I tried to find way to get to wear tights and it really meant looking through our laundry basket and drawers and female relatives and nicking a few pair here and a few pair there. My favourites have always been sheer to waist black and strangely enough, American tan. I have never been a cross-dresser, but I do love to wear nice panties under them or wear panties and a suspender belt and stockings.

I wear them under my suits for work and for the last 20 years not yet been caught. I do love it when a guy meets with me, takes his pants off and there in wonderful tights is a huge cock and balls already white with pre cum. I met a man in one of the out of town gay clubs, and he was lovely but in full dress and beautiful with it. He had thick curly hair, lovely short skirt and frilly blouse and wore a cape over the ensemble.

His shoes were stunning, high heeled black sandals. He was wearing what looked like black Walford seamless tights, and from the way he was sat, seemed to be naked under them, no panties. Still time to find out. I was wearing black shorts and black shirt with flesh coloured denier tights and when I sat down for a drink he came over and asked could he me. Of course I was delighted. We sat and talked and his hand strayed onto my leg, causing me to get a real boner, which luckily my lycra panties contained.

He moved closer and said he was looking for a nice friendly guy wearing some fem gear but not totally into full CD. He crossed his legs and my thoughts were confirmed his cock was actually on view now just under his short skirt… I got harder and my cock popped out of my panties and up into my tights, which was pretty fucking noticeable. He laughed and he told me I was looking very desirable, would I like to go back to his place for a night cap? He was now stroking my rock hard cock and tickling my balls, which made me hot and even harder. He was now rubbing my cock and somehow managed to ease it through my panties and out of the open crotch tights.

I fucked him rotten and shot my load, most of which ran down his tights. Shit, I must have dropped off. I have got things ready for our fuck, hope you enjoy this. He had stripped most of his gear off, except for his tights which were seamless. I thought, Fuck, he has a huge cock. I hoped I could take it. Then we can kiss and I can lick your nips at same time.

I was feeling really faint and told him so and he said not to worry, it would be over in a couple secs. I felt hot sticky cum all over my thighs and passed out. I came to a few minutes later and found myself laying on the bed, still wearing my tights and panties and feeling ill. You will never see me again. I can appear and disappear whenever I wish and also make the guys I meet happier with themselves than they were before meeting with me. I went into the bathroom and lifted up the toilet seat and grabbed my cock— Fuck, where was it? I could not feel my balls either, but I could feel a wet, warm hole where they had been.

I turned away from the toilet ripped off my tights and panties and stood in front of the full length mirror. To my horror, there was a full size vagina between my legs, A fucking pussy…….. I could not resist putting my fingers into the opening, I had pink plump lips lining the gash, as my fingers went in, there where flaps of flesh and a lot of sticky stuff, when I pulled my fingers out they had thick white cum on them, so it was not a dream.

I pushed my fingers back inside again and suddenly realised that this action was actually turning me on. I needed cock. I got into the shower, washed my hair, got the cum out of my thick chest hair and out of the hair on my thighs and legs, I was covered. To my disgrace I realised I was getting excited… Just think, no big cut cock and balls showing through my panties, body suits, tights, lycra etc..

I left my tights and panties, skirt and blouse in a bin in the kitchen, with a note saying thank you. Went outside into the communal hallway, pulled the door shut then looked back for one last time, and saw to my astonishment that the door had vanished, there was simply a white painted wall and three doors 1,3,5, on the opposite side! Has this all just been a dream, well I was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a short blouson jacket, both of which I did not possess. I got home, went inside my house and straight upstairs, I looked in the mirror and saw a small wet mark in the crotch of my jogging bottoms, I pulled them down, no this had not been a dream , there, on full display, between my shaved crotch, was a normal pussy, dripping thick juice which had wet my bottoms.

I phoned my best pal and told him what had happened, and he said he would come right away. I put on a T shirt and pair of lycra shorts, which looked most odd as there was no bulge in them, just a slight indent of my pussy, but now completely flat. Bill arrived in 10 minutes, I told him what had happened, He looked incredulous and simply said that this kind of thing did not just happen. Would you wear a pair of panties, though, and some hold up stockings? Your hairy legs in black stocking and black panties really gets me going. He lay on top of me, which was a great feeling, and kissed me thoroughly, sucked my nips, and gently pushed his monster cut cock into my pussy.

It was totally amazing. He pulled out and I licked him clean and to my surprise, his head went down between my legs and he was licking out my pussy—him a gay man too. He said it was the best sex he had had for ages, and also said how lovely I looked in panties without dick and balls spoiling them… All the guys now know I have a pussy, I only wear tights, panties, skirts, dresses and also heels when entertaining, gay, bi and straight guys.

I love my pussy and having been checked out by the doc who said it had been well made for a surgical modification, although obviously only for sex and nothing else. He check the urinary tract etc and said that was fine, and also my balls had been pushed into a cavity inside my body and would still produce cum, to act as a lubricant, so I should ensure I wore either p or a tampon to stop wet stains on my suit pant in work.

For work I still wear tights and panties, or stocking and suspenders under my suit and of course, shirt and tie. I never go out in public as a full CD. I love my pussy. When I play ball with the l, most of the know about me, but I always wear a padded jockstrap to give the required bulge, same as when I go swimming, I wear padded speedos under my swim shorts.

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Tights fetish stories

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