Vaisala HM70 hand held temperature and humidity meter with HUMICAP® HM70 + HMP75 +MI70; Vaisala HM70 indicator + HMP75 probe + MI70 Link. The Vaisala HUMICAP® Handheld Humidity and Temperature Meter HM70 is designed MI70 Link. The optional MI70 Link Windows® software and the USB. The Vaisala MI70 Measurement Indicator is a user-friendly tool for displaying and logging data in the field. Combined with a measurement probe, it can be used.


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Sensor recovers fully from condensation.

Buy Vaisala GMA70, Calibration Cable for MI70 Indicators - MegaDepot

Features graphical display with multilingual text vaisala mi70 several hygrometric units. Software for linking vaisala mi70 PC available. It is especially suitable for spot-checking in ducts. The MI70 Measurement Indicator automatically recognizes the connected probe and displays which parameters the probe is able to measure.

Vaisala MI70 Hand-Held Measurement Indicator | Instrumentation

This makes it easy to measure different parameters by simply changing the probe. Vaisala mi70 probes can be connected to the MI70 simultaneously and three measurement parameters can be displayed and logged into the indicator memory at the same time.

Its durable and rugged structure, compact vaisala mi70 and light weight make the MI70 suitable for a wide variety of applications. HM70 Hand-Held Relative Humidity and Temperature Meter The three new measurement probes for relative humidity and temperature which, together with the indicator, form the HM70 family, now further extend the application base of the MI70 Measurement Indicator.

Its vaisala mi70 stainless steel shaft enables even difficult places to be reached.

Vaisala, - 10m Cable for All MI70 Compatible Probes

The HMP60 is suitable vaisala mi70 battery powered applications because of its very low current consumption. There are two configurable voltage outputs with relative humidity, temperature or dew point scaling.


There are two configurable voltage outputs with relative vaisala mi70, temperature or dew point scaling. Four voltage output ranges are available.

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Overall three measurement parameters can be displayed and logged into the meter's memory vaisala mi70 the same time. An analog output option is also available. Its proven reliable and high performance humidity measurement ability is combined with better then ever long-term stability.

Additionally, a very chemical durable sensor is available to provide accuracy that lasts in demanding vaisala mi70.