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Morus alba, Morus nigra, Morus rubra i Uzgoj borovnica laevigata. Interes za uzgoj duda u Turskoj raste iz godine u godinu.


ABSTRACT Turkey is one of the most significant countries in the world from the point of view of both fruit uzgoj borovnica resources and amount of fruit production. Around fruit species, including almost all the deciduous fruit species, most of the subtropical and some tropical fruit uzgoj borovnica grown in Turkey.


The most important berry fruits in terms of amount of production in Turkey after grape are strawberry average tons production annually uzgoj borovnica followed by mulberry tonsraspberry and blackberry tons and blueberry tons.

Mulberries are uzgoj borovnica throughout Turkey but they are more common in Northeast, Southeast and Central Anatolia between 0 to m above sea level.

The 2 country is represented by four mulberry species, namely Morus alba, Morus nigra, Morus rubra and Morus laevigata. Mulberry trees are grown only uzgoj borovnica fruit production in Turkey compared to the other main mulberry production countries such as Uzgoj borovnica, China etc.


The interest in growing mulberries is increasing year uzgoj borovnica year in Turkey. The Black Sea Region of Turkey, northeastern part of Anatolia, is one uzgoj borovnica the main germplasm centers of several Vacciniums and Ericaceous plant species.

Caucasian whortleberry Vaccinium arctostaphylosbilberry Vaccinium myrtillus and lingonberry Vaccinium vitis-idea have been naturally grown in the forests and plateaus over the centuries. However commercial blueberry production by using northern high bush blueberries started in the s in the country.

Mulberry, Blueberry, Turkey 1. The four mulberry species Morus alba, Morus nigra, Morus rubra, Morus laevigata can be seen in different agroclimatic regions in Turkey.

There is no registered mulberry cultivar in Turkey but each region has its own local genotypes which propagated by budding or grafting over many years Ercisli and Orhan, Uzgoj borovnica Turkey has important Vaccinium genetic resources, uzgoj borovnica blueberry cultivation in Turkey is very new business.

Uzgoj borovnica though several tons of frozen or dried blueberry fruits are exported every year from Turkey, blueberries have not become commercialized, because of the low total uzgoj borovnica and the difficulties in uzgoj borovnica from the wild.

Over the years, blueberry fruits have been collecting from natural habitats and consumed as jelly, dried or fresh fruits only by local peoples Celik, The aim of this review is to give information on mulberry and blueberry cultivation in Turkey.


Uzgoj borovnica and blueberry genetic resources in Turkey The long growing period of mulberries in Turkey resulted in variations among trees belonging to different Morus species. In another word, mulberry trees differ from each other in terms of plant uzgoj borovnica, habits, productivity, leaf and 3 fruit properties etc.


The uzgoj borovnica mulberry Morus nigra is more common in warmer regions such as the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea regions, but white Morus alba and red Morus rubra mulberries are more common in uzgoj borovnica regions Central, Northeastern Anatolia Ercisli, The limited number of trees belongs to Morus laevigata Ercisli and Orhan, Uzgoj borovnica Black Sea Region of Turkey is one of the main origins of Caucasian whortleberry Vaccinium arctostaphylosbilberry Vaccinium myrtilluslingonberry Vaccinium vitis-idea and bog blueberry, bog whortleberry or bog bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum Davis, Bilberry is known as yaban mersini and Caucasian Whortleberry as likapa in Turkey and they are naturally grown mainly in Northeastern Anatolia as scattered populations.

The little known Vaccinium, bog whortleberry or bog bilberries are also naturally grown mainly in Northeastern part of Turkey Celik, Deerberry Vaccinium stamineum is also found in that area Characterization of mulberry and blueberry genetic resources in Turkey In Turkey, mulberry plants are only used for fruit production.