Jump to Urban unemployment - Urbanisation is taking place at a faster rate in India. Population residing in urban areas in India, according to census, was %. This count increased to % according to census, and crossing 30% as per census, standing at %.‎History · ‎Causes of urbanisation in · ‎Consequences of. Urban Settlement. Only 25% of India's population live in the 4 areas of India that are classified as urban. Most of these urban areas are located in places. Rural areas are also known as the 'countryside' or a 'village' in India. It has a very low population density. In rural areas, agriculture is the chief.


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However, more than five decades later, questions are being raised on whether that definition underestimates the urban population although there is no agreement among urban experts on what the new definition should be.


One way to check whether a definition of urban is appropriate is to evaluate the correlation between the share of urban population and per-capita incomes. On the other hand, rural to urban migration poses a big challenge for the developing cities due urban settlement in india migrant populations flocking in.

How will cities support it in terms of resources, land and space?

Urban unemployment[ edit ] The National Sample Survey Organisation reported the following urban unemployment rates for the period July —June Different countries have different parameters to explain an urban space.

India has one too.

In India, the criteria for identifying urban places kept changing with time. The frequent changes in the criteria reflected the basic problem of identifying urban places and the issue could not be settled till In India, urban areas are given different administrative status by different state urban settlement in india.

The conferring of this status depends on the state-level Municipal and Local Bodies Acts. A place has to satisfy all the three Census criteria in order to be designated as urban settlement in india urban place even if the requirements are criticised by some to be vague, rigid and conservative.

Rural & Urban Settlements in India ~ Professional Shiksha

Functional urban settlement in india between towns and villages may not always be clear cut, but specific functions such as, manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, and professional services exist in towns.

City more than 1 lac: A city may be regarded as a leading town, which has outstripped its local or regional rivals. Cities are much larger than towns and have a greater number of economic functions. They tend to have transport terminals, major financial institutions and regional administrative offices.

Urban - Arthapedia

When the population crosses the one million mark it is designated as a million city. Conurbation pop of 2 or more cities combined: The term conurbation was coined by Patrick Geddes in and applied to a large urban settlement in india of urban development that resulted from the merging of originally separate towns or cities.

Greater London, Manchester, Chicago and Tokyo are examples.

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It is a full-fledged urban agglomeration depicting predominance of urban occupations and complex internal structure. In India any town with a population of one lakh or above is termed as city.

The City Scape: Understanding the Urban Settlement - Geography and You

Metropolis-meaning 'mother city' is a large city which serves as a regional capital. In India a city having one million or more population is called metropolis.


In the census onwards,it was specified that 75 percent of the total urban settlement in india working population only needs to be dependent on non-agricultural pursuits. In Census, the density of population was raised to persons per urban settlement in india.

Thereafter, no revisions have been done to the definition of urban area [1]. Further, updated list of villages and towns are prepared after incorporating the jurisdictional changes that have taken place after the previous Census and up to a recent cut-off date.