Ebook AutoCAD Gambar Kerja Rumah Tinggal Bagian 1 - Denah (1. AutoCAD is one of the recommended design software applications because it provides professionals in these niches with unique drafting tools that can be used. Free AutoCAD tutorial for beginners as well as pro users with AutoCAD 2D & 3D lessons, Quizzes and free downloadable lesson files.‎Introduction to AutoCAD Quiz · ‎Courses · ‎Creating Drawing Quiz.


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Tutorial autocad will learn how to use the coordinate system to create objects in AutoCAD. You will be able to challenge yourself with tutorial autocad couple of AutoCAD exercises, and you will be taught step by step how to solve them.

Learn how to play with angles in AutoCAD.

2018 AutoCAD Tutorial – 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

The UCS will help you place objects appropriately in the drawing window while working on projects. It is important at this point to have mastered the coordinate tutorial autocad, and tutorial autocad one will further make you sink the DAY 1 into your brain.

Creating Circumscribed around a circle and inscribed in a circle polygons with different number of sides. The software will autocomplete or show any available commands. Tutorial autocad you have entered the line command, it asks you tutorial autocad specify the first point.

Free AutoCAD Video Tutorial Series

You can now either select a random point in your DrawSpace or tutorial autocad the coordinates. Enter 0 for X-Coordinate, change to Y-Coordinate by pressing Tab, enter 0 as well and confirm your coordinates by pressing Enter.

You have tutorial autocad selected the center of the coordinate system as Start. Now move your mouse to the positive side of the X-Axis. You can now see tutorial autocad the coordinate input changed to Polar coordinates. Enter 25 for the length of the line by pressing Tab you can switch to the angular input.

Try sketching a square for starting. When you have returned to the center, press Escape to end the line command.

Select multiple objects tutorial autocad left-clicking and moving from left to right. This will select all objects fully enclosed within the blue rectangle.

AutoCAD Tutorial

When you drag from right to left, you will select all objects tutorial autocad by the green rectangle. Click again to confirm the selection.


Clicking and holding the left mouse button will enable the lasso, which lets you select a random shape. Select your tutorial autocad rectangle by tutorial autocad it.

Click on the far outside of your rectangle once. This will enable rectangular selection. If you click and hold you can lasso around the entity, you want to select.

Free AutoCAD Tutorial series | learn from basics to advance level

In the upper toolbar, you can find all drawing tools. You can either type in the command or click on the tool you want to use in the next steps.

Coordinates, values, and angles are separated by a dash like tutorial autocad Set the tutorial autocad to 8.