Monologo "Romancio" da 'Togliamoci un peso' di Sergio Savoia - Duration: 3 minutes, 21 seconds. views; 2 years ago. Play next; Play now. Togliamoci il peso. Riconoscere e combattere il sovrappeso e l'obesità [Carlo. Biglia, Marina. Gargiulo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (C. Gargiulo, M. Biglia, Togliamoci il peso). Giovanni, 47 years old, lives in Rome (Italy), and suffers from severe obesity since many years, over time, has lost.


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It is to see a beautiful world where people live while you, as a spectator, survive.

Patient Council Spotlight: Marina Biglia | EASO

It Is living on the edge, always,hoping not to be seen. Biglia, Togliamoci il peso Giovanni, 47 years old, lives in Rome Italyand suffers from severe obesity since many years, over time, has lost and put on weight, up to more than lb kg.

He has always battled against his togliamoci il peso, and obesity has deeply influenced his emotional and work togliamoci il peso. For those who are obese, the body can become an inhospitable place, a prison they can not escape from.

My father died, as did my sister. My mother becomes sick, her illness imprisons her forever in a glass cage: The mother with whom I would argue, the mother who I togliamoci il peso never able to really confront, was suddenly gone.

She became a pile of bones, a hand that seeks yours, and trapped words.

I decide to have bariatric surgery, togliamoci il peso gastric banding, without delay. I had reached a weight of nearly kg. In light of what we now know about managing obesity I sadly came to realise that I was just repeating behaviour I have experienced a thousand times in the past.

I lost some weight, then a deadlock emerged.

Not one gram of weight disappeared from my body. And I started looking for togliamoci il peso way around it. Why not try to change some of the attitudes that led me to obesity?

Silvia Landi The Obesity Way

I like to think of these togliamoci il peso recent years of my life as a coming to consciousness, such a fantastic time that Marina is allowed, for the first time in togliamoci il peso life, permission to be herself.

So out with the black and blue dresses! Amici Obesi is an immense help to me, and provides a place where I can meet a lot of people and test myself to see whether the Marina who is emerging makes sense, if the Marina who writes and interact on the togliamoci il peso is authentic.

And I am…protected by the digital world, protected by anonymity, I can really let let my story emerge. I work a lot on myself, I experience a lot of Marine, and, slowly slowly, I begin to be more lenient with myself.

Using every means to find myself: Every day that passes, I become a togliamoci il peso stronger and it is a bit weaker. My new beginning led me to a gastric bypass surgery and the removal of the gastric band.

Togliamoci il peso. Riconoscere e combattere il sovrappeso e l'obesità

Togliamoci il peso the second operation I lost 55 kilos, and I see myself without guilt, because I still feel like a fighter; I have to save myself.

I do not deny and reject it, as you deny past love: Obesity gave me a lot, and allowed me to be the person I am togliamoci il peso and allows me to be able to say to that mother who is no longer alive: Because only a great love could survive so much pain.


Tell us a bit about your country, Marina, and where you live: I live in Italy, in a small town, Vercelli, beautiful countryside with rice fields. Please share some togliamoci il peso your favourite activities, hobbies, and interests: