Story. His popularity well established, this is to Africa that Tintin now sets off. The Adventures of Tintin, reporter at Le Petit Vingtième, in the Congo is a. A Brussels court has rejected a legal bid to ban “Tintin in the Congo”, the second adventure of Belgian writer Hergé's globe-trotting boy reporter. Hello everyone, Themisterminer here, and we are going to be doing something a little different today. Does.


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We mounted a campaign — not to have the book banned, but merely to have it removed from the children's sections of bookshops. There was fierce resistance initially, and routine comments from tintin in the congo serious writers and radio presenters of "political correctness gone mad" — almost always by people who had not seen the book.

Despite this, we eventually received assurances from Borders that the book would be removed from children's sections of bookstores across tintin in the congo UK, US, South Africa and Australia, and placed in the adult graphic section.

Tintin in the Congo

Waterstone's subsequently also adopted the policy. This week, however, I was informed the book had been found in the children's section of a Waterstone's store, although with tintin in the congo warning label on its cover.

The book is also currently available from the children's section of the Waterstone's website; its synopsis notes that the book "reflects the colonial attitudes of that period in its tintin in the congo of African people".

I am a human rights lawyer, have won an award for my work on behalf of Gurkha veteran soldiers, and continue to campaign fiercely for freedom of expression, and against racism and victimisation.


Tintin becomes tintin in the congo hero in the village, and a local woman bows down to him, saying, "White man very great! White mister is big juju man! Tintin outwits them, and the M'Hatuvu cease hostilities and come to idolise Tintin.


Muganga and the stowaway plot to kill Tintin and make it look like a leopard attack, but Tintin survives and saves Muganga from a boa constrictor ; Muganga pleads mercy and ends his hostilities.

The stowaway attempts to capture Tintin again and tintin in the congo succeeds disguised as a Catholic missionary. They fight across a waterfall, and the stowaway is eaten by crocodiles.

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Tintin captures a criminal who tried to rendezvous with the stowaway and learns that "A. Tintin and the colonial police arrest the rest of the diamond smuggling gang and Tintin and Snowy return to Belgium. I only knew things about these countries that people said at the time: But the most inspiring exhibit he came across was a tintin in the congo of a leopard-man from a terrifying African cult.

Tintin in the Congo - Wikipedia

The history of this group has never been firmly established. Were they African highwaymen, nationalist Africans opposed to colonial rule or a secret society, the aims of which remain a mystery to this day?

Tintin in the congo struck fear into the hearts of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. Covered in leopard skins the mysterious tribesmen used claw-like clubs or gloves with claws to attack their victims.

It is possible that the young Georges Remi had already seen these leopard-men at the cinema or read about them in popular books.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of Tintin in the congo, depicted the leopard-men as the archenemies of Lord Greystoke. When would Tintin be arriving in their country? From 6 Julyletters began arriving at the editorial office. One of the missionary fathers had written: