THE CRY OF THE ICEMARK. Stuart Hill, Author. Scholastic/Chicken House $ (p) ISBN An epic, highly acclaimed fantasy that has just been optioned as a feature film by Fox ! The Icemark is a kingdom in grave danger. Its king. Philip Ardagh gets caught up in Stuart Hill's epic fantasy, The Cry of the Icemark.


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Icemark is about to be invaded by General Scipio Bellorum and his armies of the Polypontus Empire, a kingdom that "had so far brought enlightenment to over fifty countries and provinces, crushing the irrational beliefs of their populations whether they wanted it or not.

For some time the capital is empty but the Enemy does not think about repopulating it they don't have to storm it anymore, since it's EMPTYso conveniently the Icemarkians come down and simply march the cry of the icemark, and the city is fully functionable despite its abandonment in the middle of a very hard winter.

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Then the small province of the north supplies the army with food, fodder and anything else, the drafted army performs like a professional one after several weeks of training, we get a tedious and over-extended not to mention unconvincing to downright stupid from the military point of view description of the battle of Minas Tirith Frostmarris and the book ends.

At first glance I expected to enjoy the world: Add to it sufficiently original werewolves and vampires - all this looks quite well. If only these lands were inhabited the cry of the icemark people and not stereotypes And if the author had not fallen into one the cry of the icemark my most hated pits: I could not bear the Snow Leopards at all, sorry fans.

It gets longer as the story progresses. Assisted by many wonderful adult characters the cry of the icemark human and non-humanThirrin finds that her greatest ally is the boy Oskan Witch's Son.

His title also changes as his true powers become more evident.


Hill draws freely on Norse, Roman, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, Wicca and, no doubt, other mythologies and, seemingly effortlessly, weaves them together into a surprisingly believable unbelievable world.

The result is a supremely satisfying read which really deserves to be called a page-turner. Plot[ edit ] The Polypontian Empire has conquered much of the known world in recent years, much thanks to its fearsome general, Scipio Bellorum. Bellorum has finally decided to invade his small neighbor to the north, the Icemark.

the cry of the icemark

Review: The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill | Books | The Guardian

After King Redrought sacrifices his entire army to stop the the cry of the icemark, Thirrin, his daughter, is left alone to save the nation. Thirrin, having just made an alliance with the werewolves by saving their king, must now seek out more allies, as the Icemark and the werewolves alone cannot defeat the Empire.

Although they have the support of their vassal, the Hypolitan, more are needed.

They know this will be difficult because of the centuries of distrust and hatred between the two races. But can she persuade them to the cry of the icemark, and rally to The Cry of the Icemark? Glorious, epic and exciting, The Cry of the Icemark is the story of a steadfast young queen who puts duty first.