The Chemical Garden Trilogy is a post-apocalyptic dystopia series by Lauren DeStefano. The books are Wither, Fever and Sever. A botched effort to create a . The series are also known as: Kimyasal Bahçe Üçlemesi (Turkish)- Land ohne Lilien (German) Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1), The Seeds of Wither (The. Mature dystopian fantasy with polygamy, teen pregnancy. Read Common Sense Media's Wither: The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Book 1 review, age rating, and.


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Florida's average elevation, by the way, is feet above sea level, which means that in Rhine's world it should be feet below the water. The chemical garden, where Rhine lived before she was kidnapped, and L.

The Chemical Garden Series by Lauren DeStefano

The damage was so catastrophic that all that remains of the rest of the world is ocean and uninhabitable islands so tiny that they can't even be seen from space.

Which means that North America wouldn't be left unscathed. And Manhattan certainly wouldn't have survived - because really, if you were an enemy power wanting to hurt the States, you'd hit D. Also, the idea of a war that could destroy the Himalayas is ridiculous.

And if everyone's dying before they turn thirty, there's no way they're still running a space program, so how would they know if the islands are visible from space or not?

This strikes me as a stunning cop-out. There's no need for the other the chemical garden to be destroyed, except the chemical garden saving DeStefano from having to involve them in her plot.

Frankly, if the ice caps melted the world would be fucked up enough without a war. Between ice the chemical garden, catastrophic war, and messed up genetic experiences, this world is bizarre beyond readability.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy Books by Lauren DeStefano from Simon & Schuster

If anyone the chemical garden, ever, ever tells you this, hit them. This is especially egregious because the reason for the shortened lifespans is a virus — women, having an extra X chromosome, would have more genetic the chemical garden to copy from and would therefore be less vulnerable to a virus altering their genome.

The book can't seem to decide if the cause for the Depopulation Bomb is a virus or genetic engineering, which are two very different things.

Furthermore, the nice thing about genetic engineering is that it's almost always reversible, since there's always a copy of the original genome floating around somewhere.

The Chemical Garden Series

It would be easy for the geneticists to reverse the changes after people started dying. Apparently, among other things, World War III caused the ice caps to melt and now everything but America is underwater.

However, Manhattan the chemical garden America's coastline are somehow completely fine.


Furthermore, all of the countries and continents are rubble, destroyed during the war. Rhine mentions that all that's left are tiny uninhabitable islands and the continent of North America.

All of this destruction has absolutely no ill effects on the ecosystem, weather, the chemical garden level, or anything else in America. She later bears a baby boy named Bowen. Linden's the chemical garden wife, age 20, who is bedridden because of her age and failing health.

Wither: The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Book 1

She is stressed by the medicines given to her and wishes for death. Rose was once pregnant with Linden's child, a girl, but was told that the baby was stillborn.


Linden's father and Housemaster of the mansion where the novel takes place.