How `Amr bin Al-`As was aware of the Qur'an's Miracle due to this Surah they would not part until one of them had recited Surat Al-`Asr in its entirety to the. Surah Al Asr (The Declining Day, The Time) - Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi - Tafhim al-Qur'an - The Meaning of the Qur'an. Sayyid Abul Name. The Surah takes its name from the word al-`asr occurring in the first verse. Introduction • Surah Al-Asr descends at Makkah and it has three Ayaat. • The Surah takes The simple translation for the word 'Asr that Allah (swt) uses here would be “Time”. But in reality it Al-Maahadi · Tafsir surat al 'ashr.


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Except those who believe and do good works, and enjoin one another to truth and tafsir surat al ashr. Righteousness is good behaviour, and sin is what fluctuates in your chest, and you would hate that the people discovered it about you.

Thirdly, this verse asks us to enjoin one another towards truth and patience.


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Man is surely in loss, except those who believed and did good works, and exhorted one another to Truth, and exhorted one another to patience. Let us consider each of these parts separately in order to understand the meaning fully. As for the oath, we have explained several times above that Allah has not sworn an oath by any of the created objects on account of its glory or its excellence and wonderful qualities but for the reason that it testifies to the truth which is meant to be established.

Therefore, the oath by Time signifies that Time is witness tafsir surat al ashr the truth that man is in sheer loss tafsir surat al ashr for the people who possess the four qualities.

Translation and Tafsir of Surah al-Asr

The word time is used for the past as well as for the passing time in which the present, in fact, does not signify any long stretch of time. Every moment, when it has passed, becomes past, and every moment of the future, when it is passing, becomes present, and when it has passed, becomes past. Here, since the oath has been sworn by time tafsir surat al ashr, both kinds of time are included in its meaning.

The oath by the past time means that human history. Its example is of the time which is allotted to a candidate for answering his question-paper in the examination hall.

The speed with which this time tafsir surat al ashr passing can be estimated from the movement of the second-hand in the watch.

Even a second is a considerable amount of time, for during this very second light travelsmiles, and in the Kingdom of God there may as well be many things which move even faster than light, but are net yet known to man. However, if the speed of the passing time be regarded the same as of the movement of the second-hand, and we consider that whatever act, good or bad, we perform and whatever occupation we pursue, takes place in the limited span of age that we have been given for work in the world, we feel that our real wealth is this very time, which is passing so quickly.

Imam Razi has cited a scholar as saying: The age-limit that man has been allotted is passing quickly" like the melting away of ice.

Thus, swearing an oath by the Time what has tafsir surat al ashr said in this Surah, means that the fast passing Time is witness that devoid of these four qualities in whatever occupation and work man is expending his limited span of life, he is engaged in bad bargains; only such people are engaged in good bargains, who work in the world, characterized by the four qualities.

It would be just like calling attention of the candidate, who was expending the time allotted for solving the question paper in some other pursuit, to the wall clock in the examination hall, to tell him that the passing time bore witness that he was causing loss to himself; the candidate benefiting by the Time was he who was using every moment of the allotted time in solving the paper.

Though the word Man has been used in the singular, in the following sentences those people tafsir surat al ashr been made an exception from it, who are characterized by the four qualities. Therefore, one will have to admit that here the word Man has been used as a collective noun, denoting a class, and it applies equally to individuals, groups, nations, and entire mankind.

It will be just like giving the tafsir surat al ashr that poison is fatal for man; it will mean that poison is fatal in any case whether it is taken by an individual, or a nation, or all the people of the world.

Poison's being fatal is an unchangeable truth; it dces not make any difference whether one man has taken it, or a nation has decided to take it, or all the people of the world collectively have agreed to take poison. Precisely in the same way this truth by itself is unchangeable that man's being devoid of the above foul qualities brings him loss.

The general rule tafsir surat al ashr not at all affected even if one man is devoid of these, or a nation, or all the people of the world agree that they would exhort one another to disbelief, immorality, falsehood and servitude to the self.

Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Now, let us see in what sense has the Qur'an used the word khusr loss. The Qur'an has made this word a special term of its own and uses it as an antonym of falah true success.

And just as its concept of falah is not merely tafsir surat al ashr with.