SketchUp is free from Google just Google it and download to your computer. You can . one you manually copied plus one you automatically copied using this. SketchUp tutorial series for beginners. SketchUp Hero Course $10 Promo Price ▻ This. No information is available for this page.


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You have created your first 3D object! Dimension Tools This tool allows you to check the dimensions sketchup manual your model. To use this tool, simply click the Dimension icon on the toolbar 2.

SkIndigo Tutorial | Indigo Renderer

Or simply click the line. You will then see the length of your line or object You sketchup manual also use this Tape Measure Tool to measure distances more freely and the Protractor Tool to check different angles. The best way to learn how to use these tools is by playing around with them.

You can see the sketchup manual of the Tape Measure Tool and the Protractor Tool in the lower sketchup manual corner see screenshot below.

Moving and Maneuvering Objects This tool is very easy to use: First select the object you want to move. Click the Move tool or simply press M on your keyboard 3.

Click the selected object and drag it. Simply sketchup manual again when you reach the desired location Step Creating Copies of Your Object 1.

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To create a copy of your object, select it again as seen just above 2. Press Ctrl on your sketchup manual to create a copy of the model 3.

Left-click again to place the copied model in the desired location Step Erase Sketchup manual This tool works like a basic eraser: First click on the Eraser tool on the toolbar 2.


Once the eraser icon appears, click on the lines you want to erase you can also select a line with the Select tool and then hit the sketchup manual button Step Text The 2D text tool allows you to calculate base areas sketchup manual planes and to place labels. The arrow indicates which object was labeled.

The 3D text tool actually creates sketchup manual text as a 3D object that is part of your design.

V-Ray for SketchUp Help - V-Ray for SketchUp - Chaos Group Help

As always, it makes sense to simply play around with these two tools. Sketchup manual can change sketchup manual import scale in the SketchUp Model Inspector.

SketchUp file with a cube sert to 1m in height Setting the conversion unit changes affects the scale of the imported file.