by Wei Hui, translated from the Mandarin by Bruce Humes (Pocket; $24). Shanghai Baby is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Chinese author Wei Hui. It was originally published in China in The English translation was  Translator‎: ‎Bruce Humes. Shanghai Baby: A Novel [Wei Hui] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The gap that divides those of us born in the s and the older.


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The book is as alluring as a gossip column, but, alas, as shallow as one, too. Forty shanghai baby copies of Shanghai Baby were burned by the Chinese government.


It doesn't shanghai baby that way baby, someone should tell her so. In addition, if you're looking for hot scenes, you won't find any.

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The sex descriptions felt dull and rather demeaning to shanghai baby again I know this book is written by a women, but that only makes it worse. I was thinking about giving it one star again but then there were little bits I did like.

Things that were written about the writing process for example, they did make some sense. That's what makes me mad, I suppose. I have this gut feeling that this writer is capable of so much more and I'm almost angry at her for not trying it, for choosing the easy way and writing a book that is basically a white man fantasy shanghai baby Asian woman.

She has potential, I can feel it and that is why I shanghai baby honestly say I hate this novels. I can see its flaws there are many of them and I pointed some in this reviewI can say that the novel wasn't, on the whole, a success but I can't say that at times it didn't feel like good writing. shanghai baby


There are moments when there is beauty in the prose of Wei Hui. Shanghai baby did like some descriptions and metaphors. It's tricky to write semi-autobiographical novel, especially if you can't control your ego- I had a feeling that this could be the case.

I think that the main problem of this novel is that the shanghai baby Coco lacks depth.

Shanghai Baby

Coco is supposed to be an artistic soul with a liberated sexuality but she shanghai baby off as being selfish and uncaring about shanghai baby but herself. I'm full of energy and ambition, and see the world as a scented fruit just waiting to be eaten.


He is introspective, romantic and for him life is a cake laced with arsenic, every bite poisons him a little more. But our differences only increased our mutual attraction, like the shanghai baby north and south magnetic poles. She is not without talent; there are plenty of insightful observations into shanghai baby ranging from life in present-day Shanghai to human universals.


However, they are not woven together into shanghai baby pattern, and this produces a book that often reads more like a collection of aphorisms and one regrets the text in between.

Similarly, the narrative often seems to be going nowhere in particular, simply drifting from episode to episode, resulting in a distinct loss of energy after the first hundred or so of the book's pages - put simply, it becomes boring. Stringent editing here would have done the novel a favour.

Style is a further problem. The author has a talent for irony and quirkiness, which becomes her, and in part saves the novel by injecting a dose of wit. What becomes the text far less is that it is overloaded with similes, many of which simply do not work "This toilet looked like a giant white fly, doleful yet uncomplaining".

Moreover, the book is filled with far too much narcissism on part of the narrator, a narcissism one hopes is meant ironically, and shanghai baby it may not be. But this may be a shanghai baby of translation, a problem that makes itself felt in other parts of the novel too.

Shanghai Baby by Zhou Weihui

Sentences that work well in Chinese do not necessarily work in English, "kind, loving and shanghai baby as a dolphin, it was his temperament that captured shanghai baby wild heart" being a good example. There are also problems of cultural translation. The text is a Chinese novel, written in a Chinese cultural and social environment.