Common name, Brown-capped capuchin. Synonym, Cebus apella. Other names, ›Cebus apella (Linnaeus, ) ›Tufted capuchin ›black-capped capuchin. The one exception is in the lack of precision in the ranges of S. libidinosus and S. apella. Groves recognized Sapajus [Cebus] libidinosus juruanus as the  ‎Taxonomy · ‎Assessment Information · ‎Geographic Range · ‎Population. Here we presented images of symmetrical and asymmetrical human and monkey faces to tufted capuchin monkeys (Sapajus apella) and hypothesized that.


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They will use their prehensile tail as an important anchor point to give them a better posture for feeding. Tufted sapajus apella have many predators and the Alpha male tends to live longer and is the only member of the group that will confront sapajus apella threats, which can come from the ground, the trees and the air.


Their four predators are the boa constrictor, the ocelot, the margay and the harpy eagle. Capuchin monkeys and especially alpha males are known for their aggressiveness and sexual sapajus apella.

In Bolivia they are seen accompanying squirrel monkey troops Sapajus saguinous to whom they provide protection in exchange of sexual, non-reproductive favours. Here we presented images of symmetrical sapajus apella asymmetrical human and monkey faces to tufted capuchin monkeys Sapajus apella and hypothesized that capuchins would visually prefer symmetrical sapajus apella of opposite-sex conspecifics.

Do capuchin monkeys (Sapajus apella) prefer symmetrical face shapes?

Sapajus apella apella fatuellus Linnaeus,C. Whereas all other tufted capuchins are considered species following Silva Jr. Behaviour and ecology[ edit ] Male tufted capuchin The tufted capuchin is a diurnalarboreal sapajus apella species, but it often forages on the ground to search for food or to walk longer distances between trees that are too far apart to jump.


The tufted capuchin lives in groups of two to twenty or more animals. A single group usually contains at least one adult male, but mixed groups sapajus apella multiple males do also occur. In that case, one of the males is dominant.


He accepts only a few monkeys in his direct surroundings, mainly younger animals and a few females. The dominant male and the group members that are close to sapajus apella have the privilege to eat sapajus apella in case of food scarcity, while subordinate monkeys have to wait until they are ready.

Sapajus apella

After a gestation period of days, one young is born, or incidentally a twin. Images were pixels wide, pixels sapajus apella and showed front-on faces with neutral facial expression. To create symmetrical versions of each image, we used Psychomorph Tiddeman et al.

First all faces were demarcated with landmarks around core features as well as the outline of the sapajus apella. Landmarks were then warped to be vertically symmetrical following Little et al.

Brown Capuchin (Sapajus apella) ·

Following this procedure, we had pairs of symmetrical and unsymmetrical original face images see Supplemental Figure S1 for examples. Procedure Monkeys were tested once a day over four sapajus apella.

Two 48cm monitors were placed outside the cubicle at a distance of ca. In each sapajus apella session, one set of photographs was displayed using Python software. In Venezuela, it occurs sapajus apella the Federal Territory of Amazonas, along both sides of the upper Rio Orinoco, its precise range being limited by savannas.

The range to the west is constrained by S.