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Political Write | Kolkata News - Times of India

Why did it take almost 25 years to pen his latest political novel after the huge success of his trilogy? TNN Mar 21, Imagine the Bengal of samaresh majumdar kalpurush mid-Sixties and early Seventies.

A violent uprising, an atmosphere of fear, a state of political flux. Imagine the period after that — the rise of the Left and the beginning of their downfall. To most Bengali readers, this is where Majumdar shone brightest: Even as copies of the book fly off the shelves, we ask him the something that everyone had been dying to samaresh majumdar kalpurush His first published novel was Dour.

The Animesh and Madhabilata trilogy comprising of Uttaradhikar, Kaalbela and Kalpurush is among his most well known works. He is also most famous for his detective character Arjun, based on whom he samaresh majumdar kalpurush a series. Early life and education He spent his childhood years in the tea gardens of DooarsGairkata in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India.


He was a student of the Jalpaiguri Zilla SchoolJalpaiguri. As a foot samaresh majumdar kalpurush in the armed Naxalite uprising, he dreams of helping shape an egalitarian society devoid of corruption, injustice and poverty.

His dreams — and his body — get shattered into a thousand pieces after he is subjected to brutal police torture.


When Animesh says that he at samaresh majumdar kalpurush had the courage to walk along the path he believed in, it is perhaps the belief of the author that gains expression through him.

They did what they did because they wanted to change the fabric of society. History will judge whether they samaresh majumdar kalpurush right or wrong.


It is not yet the time to samaresh majumdar kalpurush them. They are invaders who terrorise people. Being a prolific writer who has excelled in different genres, Samares Mazumdar has worked on short stories, novels, travelogues and children's fiction.

His trilogy of Uttoradhikar, Kalbela and Kalpurush is now considered as a modern classic.