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On the 15th of Rajab of the next year rawdatul anwaar A. All that Ali rawdatul anwaar offer by way of mahr dower was his coat of mail, and all that the Prophet could give to his daughter as a wedding gift were: Yet some writers insinuate that the Prophet and his party were ambushing and plundering trade caravans!

شرح روضة الأنوار في سيرة النبي المختار - الشيخ عبد القادر عكاشه حفظه الله

If these writers, who profess to be unbiased, are to be believed, what had happened to the booty and the riches?! Pact With The Jews A. Having thus welded rawdatul anwaar Ansar and the Muhajirun into one Brotherhood, the Prophet now set himself to the task of establishing a stable society, a commonwealth rawdatul anwaar on equality of rights and on the concept of universal humanity.

Granting equality of status and rights as well as full freedom of religion and of conscience to the Jews, he invited them to enter into a pact with the Muslims. He drew up a charter which has been reproduced by the historian Ibn Hashim thus: Granted by Muhammad, the Prophet, to the Believers, whether of Quraish or of Yathrib, and all individuals of whatever origin who have made common cause with them: All these shall constitute one community.

Then, after regulating the payment of the diyya blood money by the various clans and fixing some wise rules regarding the private duties of Muslims among themselves, the document proceeds thus: The state rawdatul anwaar peace and war shall be common to all Muslims; none among rawdatul anwaar shall have the right of rawdatul anwaar peace with, or declaring war against, the enemies of his co-religionists.

The Jews who enter into this covenant shall be protected from all insults and vexations; they shall have an equal right with our own people to our assistance and good offices.

Alfaaruuq online

They shall practice their religion as freely as the Muslims. The clients and allies of the Jews shall enjoy the same security and freedom.

The guilty shall be pursued and punished. The Jews shall join the Muslims in defending Yathrib against all enemies. The interior of Yathrib shall be a sacred rawdatul anwaar for all those who accept this Charter. The clients and allies of the Muslims and of the Jews shall be as respected as the principals.

All Muslims rawdatul anwaar hold in abhorrence anyone found guilty of a crime, injustice, or disorder. None shall uphold the culpable, even if he may be his nearest in kinship.

Rawdatul Anwaar - روضة الأنوار في سيرة النبي المختار

Then, after some other provisions regarding the internal management of the State, this extraordinary document concluded thus: All future disputes between those who accept this Charter shall be rawdatul anwaar referred, after God, to the Prophet.

The Jews of Medina accepted this Pact. But, as later events proved, it was only expediency that had dictated this course of action to the Jews.

rawdatul anwaar


There was no change of heart on their part and they secretly nursed the same hostile feelings against the Aws and the Khazraj as before and viewed the growing confederation of the Muslims with grave concern and animosity.

In rawdatul anwaar course of time, they started taunting and abusing the Muslims, frequently quarrelling with them and resorting to treachery and sedition. They were assisted rawdatul anwaar some people of the Aws and the Khazraj who had become lukewarm converts: The Jews, who had thriving business deals with Quraish of Mecca, conspired with them to eradicate the infant religion before it assumed formidable proportions.

As the head of the religion, and a general in a time of almost continuous warfare, Muhammad was the guardian of the lives and liberty of the people. The very existence of the nascent religion was in serious peril. Islam preaches the brotherhood of mankind; it insists upon toleration of all religions and creeds; it enjoins kindness and compassion, but it does not permit its followers to submit to the forces of disintegration.

Being in league with the Jews and the munafiqun, the Meccans started harassing the Muslims.

Under the leadership of Karz ibn Jabir rawdatul anwaar, they started raiding up to the very outskirts of Medina, destroying fruit-bearing trees and carrying away flocks. News began pouring into Medina that the Meccans rawdatul anwaar allying with other tribes to launch a massive attack against the Muslims.