This is the Story Of Ramayana. Long ago, the wise King Though the King had three wives, he didn't have any children. The chief priest. Click here for the illustrated version of Ramayan The Boyhood Of Rama On the banks of the Sarayu River stood the beautiful city of Ayodhya, the capital of. Rama & Ramayana Quiz for Kids: Ramayana trivia questions and quizzes. Quizzes and quiz questions and answers about Ramayana.


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Short Stories of Ramayana for Kids

One of them appeared out of the flame and handed him a pot full ramayana for kids nectar. In time, the three Queens gave birth to sons.

The whole Kingdom rejoiced. The four young Princes were intelligent and good-natured. They loved each other, but there was a special bond between Rama and Lakshmana.

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Also, read Eklavya Story. One day, sage Vishwamitra came to Dasharatha and asked him to sent Rama to the forest with him to kill ramayana for kids demon who was continuously disrupting the fire sacrifices of the sages.

Vishwamitra was very pleased and so were the gods.


Vishwamitra then took the young Princes to the neighboring Kingdom of Mithila which was ruled by King Janaka. In Mithila, Rama succeeded in stringing a great bow given by Lord Shiva, which many before had ramayana for kids and failed.

Rama ramayana for kids Sita and they lived happily for many years. Dasharatha decided that it was time for Rama to become King. Everybody was pleased because Rama was a kind Prince.

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She decided to ask Dasharatha for the two boons he had promised her. Kaikeyi asked Dasharatha to make Bharatha the King and send Rama away to the forest for ramayana for kids years. King Dasharatha was heartbroken but he was bound to keep his promise.

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Rama left for the forest without hesitation, accompanied by Sita and Lakshmana. The second book is Ayodhyakanda, meaning the book of Ayodhya. The third book is Aranyakanda, meaning ramayana for kids book of the forests.

The fourth book is Kishkindhakanda, meaning the book of Kishkindha.

The fifth book is Sundarakanda, meaning the book beautiful. The sixth book is Yuddhakanda, meaning the book of the war.


There are different views about the time the Ramayana was written. Some people believe that it ramayana for kids written 2, years ago. Lakshmana decided to wait no longer. He fired his arrow and gravely wounded the demoness.

A strange look came over her face as she felt the arrow pierce her flesh. Placing her hand to the wound she moaned, "What mortals have wounded me?

Short Stories of Ramayana for Kids |

ramayana for kids Go to top No sooner had the she-demon died, than the gods in heaven rained lotus blossoms down on Rama blessing him. The three continued on their journey deeper into the forest.

Along the way, Rama and Lakshmana killed many demons.