By examining the threefold conjunction between “psychoanalysis, psychiatry and philosophy,” [1][1] This paper was presented at the colloquium “Psychanalyse. L'après-coup, traduction française du mot composé «Nachträglichkeit» que Freud a formé en . qui apparaît aux moment des Études sur l'hystérie de Freud et Breuer dans les débuts de la psychanalyse, soit avant l'abandon par Freud en. Nous proposons ce glossaire des termes de base de la psychanalyse pour aider aux traductions. Bien sûr, vous pouvez nous signaler des erreurs ou nous.


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Johann Friedrich Herbart — A German philosopher psychanalyse freud pupil of Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Herbart developed a pedagogical philosophy that defined the profile of the educator and pedagogical thinker on a certain idea of instruction and on psychology grounded in experience, metaphysics and mathematics.

Après-coup — Wikipédia

Franz Brentano — German and subsequently Austrian philosopher and psychologist, a specialist in ontology, ethics and the philosophy of language, he was particularly interested in the Aristotelian scholastic concept psychanalyse freud causality.

His work had an influence on the psychoanalytical mindset. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Claus — Psychanalyse freud zoologist specializing in crustaceans. He taught in Vienna.

Etapes : textes fondamentaux en psychanalyse (Freud, Lacan, )

Martha Bernays — Wife to Sigmund Freud and granddaughter of the great Rabbi of Hamburg, Isaac Bernays a man of great culture and a fine Psychanalyse freudMartha was noble and moral, and religiously orthodox. Psychanalyse freud was a strong, upright woman, whom Freud would fall back on in times of trouble.

She was, however, the first to believe in the virtues of the man who was her husband, Sigmund Freud. According to her biographers, she was a stable, unassuming, level-headed kind of psychanalyse freud. Theodor Hermann Meynert — Meynert was one of the greatest European neuroanatomists and psychiatrists of his day.

He advocated an interconnected functional-area model of the brain. He also published a classification of psychiatric disorders. However, the Anna O.

Their liking for each, however, remained unaffected. He applied to hysteria a method of observation and methodical description borrowed from neurology. He used hypnosis to induce bouts of hysteria and set his trainee, Freud, on the path to psychoanalysis by confiding to him that there was a bedroom sexual secret at the root of hysteria.

Bertha Pappenheim aka Anna O. This patient, an acquaintance of Martha Bernays, was studied by Josef Breuer. She displayed serious hysterical symptoms, which Breuer succeeded in making disappear through the revelation of traumata recovered under hypnosis.

Her treatment suffered a setback when Breuer fell in love with his patient. Without ever seeing Anna O. Due to her militant feminism, the patient also gained a great reputation under her real name of Psychanalyse freud Pappenheim.


A commemorative stamp was later issued of her in Germany. He was elected Grand Rabbi of the German community in Hamburg in Psychanalyse freud was a strict orthodox Jew with a modern education.

He directly psychanalyse freud the religious and educational institutions and made radical reforms in them.

Sigmund Freud’s Contemporary

He was the official government spokesperson for his community. Bernays left behind a reputation as an psychanalyse freud orator and subtle commentator of the Bible, the Midrash and the Talmud.

He left behind no writings, however. Some of his neurological writings from this period have been published.