Prospero's Daughter. Nancy Butler. Buy This Book. After having read several series romances, none of which were very good, I swiched genres. Prospero's Daughter By Nancy Butler - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Prospero's Daughter (Signet Regency Romance) [Nancy Butler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Morgan Pierce is man entranced-by a.


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Prospero's Daughter by Nancy Butler

I loved Miranda as well. My heart was breaking for her. Not only had she lost her mother and father, she lost the dreams for a normal life and a future. She was not quite at the point of suicide in this book, but it was clear that fairly soon, she might consider taking that option.

Miranda wasn't that kind of person who would give up easily and take that way out, but she was such a vital, strong-minded person, trapped in a feeble body, and treated like a burden and a monstrosity by her family, even though she had her prosperos daughter nancy butler means and property.

It must have been awful to be in prosperos daughter nancy butler situation and to be so neglected and abandoned by those who were supposed to love her. I was very glad that Morgan called her family on their selfishness and their shallow natures.

It was awful that they lived in the same house with her, but never took the time to visit her, and reassure her. She lived a separate life, and wasn't even included in Christmas celebrations or dinner with the family.

Prospero's Daughter

That kind of neglect prosperos daughter nancy butler beyond criminal, and it probably added to Miranda's feelings of despair.

Miranda had a very wise thing to say to Morgan that he needed to hear. He had pretty much given up on helping his friend who had lost a leg in the war.


She told him that he needed to tell his friend prosperos daughter nancy butler he was okay the way he was, even if he never walked or got out of bed again. Morgan had to struggle with that, because he was used to feeling like he had to fight to be the best and to strive for excellence due to his troubled relationship with his father, who felt he married beneath prosperos daughter nancy butler by marrying a daughter of a publishing family.

His mind interpreted that as failure.

Desert Isle Keeper

But it turned out to be excellent advice that does help Morgan to accept Miranda as she is and not fixate on improving her if it's not meant to be, and he and his sister to deal with Phillip's condition. He is inveigled by his friend, Ronald Palfry, to travel to the Lake District to assist his father, Prosperos daughter nancy butler Sir Janus Palrfy with the writing of his memoirs.

Reluctant to leave London, the delights of the season and the arms of his lover, Morgan is determined not to make a stay of longer than a couple of weeks. On arrival at Windermere, he finds himself in the midst of the perfect family. Sir Janus and his wife are affable, and their two daughters are pretty and lively, and prosperos daughter nancy butler to make a fuss of their handsome and charming guest.

Prospero's Daughter by Nancy Butler | LibraryThing

But he holds to his prosperos daughter nancy butler of a short visit, until Sir Janus insists he stay until his manuscript is complete. And though he's not happy about venturing out to the officer's country estate, the dashing rogue cannot deny the creature comforts of Palfry Park or his instant attraction to a mysterious woman in a Bath chair.

Left to the prosperos daughter nancy butler attention of a couple of servants, Miranda is a fretful, peevish shrew until Morgan turns her world upside down. Although Nancy Butler does a fine job juggling all the elements of the story, there are times it felt either rushed or compressed.

If only she had an extra hundred pages or so!

However, I enjoyed this book tremendously mostly because of the main characters. I love good, strong, intelligent characters, and Morgan and Miranda were all three. Her injuries were bad, very bad, and her treatment was inadequate. She truly thought she was a hideous monster and she slipped into apathy and depression without putting prosperos daughter nancy butler a fight.