Project Summary. private messaging system is a small script to demonstrate how users can message each other without using the phpmail or such functions. Hi guy, please i want to create private messaging system for my site Beginning-level questions will be redirected to the Beginning PHP forum. Everyone likes the Facebook Private Messaging System where the higher versions of PHP to make life easier for our good users or clients.


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Private Message System | Free source code, tutorials and articles

You need to login before you can be able to view the information about this powerful Chat System. To proceed, please click on the Proceed button below or click on the Cancel button to stop if you do not wish to proceed.

On this website, you can find both Paid and more private message system php Free tutorials. As a result, we at Vasplus Programming Blog saw the need to design a similar system which is also responsive to screen and uses the private message system php technologies especially for the higher versions of PHP to make life easier for our good users or clients.

Private Message System

This amazing social networking system is a user friendly application which is similar to that of Facebook with more advance features and functionalities, the system also is very easy to install and customize to suit your needs because we had the users in mind while designing the system.

This application is not just a Private Messaging System, it is beyond that due to the features of the system and it comes as a functioning website with almost all the major features of a social networking system. The script is not free because we have put in a lot to get things private message system php and it requires few dollars to get it.

You will see the difference when you test or demo the system via the link private message system php the bottom section of this page. We are proud to inform you that you won't find this kind of system any where on the net except at Vasplus.

Facebook like messaging system with php

We have had previous versions of the Private message system php Messaging System but this one is beyond "special" due to its new features and responsiveness. The system helps and teaches you how to build a Private or Group Messaging System which is similar to that of Facebook with amazing features such as the private message system php Features of the System 1 Responsiveness: The system is fully responsive to screen which means that it can work on any device, whether big or small screen sizes, the system is fully compatible.

The minimum screen size is set to px.


Users can sign up and get their account verified via email. Although, the system has been set to allow users login after sign up but an email with a verification link is sent to the user after sign-up. Users can easily request for forgot password link to enable them change their lost or forgotten passwords if the need for that arises.

They can also change their account private message system php after login should the need for that also arise. All email messages private message system php via the system are transported via SMTP server which gives you the assurance that the message sent will arrive at the receiving end instead of the regular PHP mail function where the message sent can at any time be treated as spam and goes to the spam box instead of the Inbox of the recipient.

You can chat with a single user or with a group of users depending on what private message system php want at a given time. You can give a name to your conversation provided you are the one who started the conversation and also add a private message system php picture just as Facebook does.

In situation where a conversation does not have a special name and a picture, the details of few persons in the conversation are presented with a section to hover over to see all the people in the group or single conversation.


The user who started a group conversation by adding others in a conversation is regarded as the manager of that group conversation and such user can add more people into an ongoing conversation at any time should the need for that arise.

This is similar to that of Facebook but in a more better way and not unnecessary pop-up window. Users who were added to a group or single conversation who do not like to be in the conversation can leave the conversation at any time and private message system php notification of such action will be sent to the rest of the people in the conversation to let them know that such user has left the conversation.

The user who decides to leave a conversation will be informed of such notification that will be sent to the remaining people private message system php the group conversation at the time of leaving to enable him or her decide whether to proceed with leaving the conversation or not.

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Users will be able to select and delete a message or multiple messages at a time just as Facebook does. Users will be able to delete an entire conversation just as Facebook also does should the need for that arise. Users will be able to search for messages in their current conversation session and get high-lighted results using their search term just as Facebook does.

The system will move the current conversation which will private message system php seen at the left section of the Message System page to top of other conversations and high-light the current conversation with a black background color to let the user know the private message system php currently in.


There is a nicely designed smiley box for message sending purposes where users private message system php easily select their desired smiley at any given time.

The system can automatically extract URL data using any first URL found in the message box and it can also extract the data manually while using the system. The system sends notification for all the major activities taking place to the users concerned when actions like "Seen by Williams, Elizabeth, Victor, etc", "New message received", "User has left the conversation" takes private message system php.