Consumer Law Compendium Comparative Analysis D. Timeshare Directive (94/47) • More favourable provisions concerning the. Nesterowicz, M., Prawo turystyczne (Tourist Act], Edition No. 2, Warsaw , p Radwański, Z., and A. Olejniczak, Zobowiązania – część ogólna. Safjan, M. Departament Turystyki Ministerstwa Gospodarki, Łętowska E., Osajda. Warszawa Nestorowicz M., Prawo turystyczne, Toruń,


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How, then, can this diversity be explained? Private International LawArticle 9 states that, regardless of the law that is applicable to a specific contract, if theimmovable property is situated within the territory of a member state, each country must take Article 11 1 of the Protection of Buyers in Contracts for Time Sharing of Immovable Property Regulations This regulation is seen as a possible breach of EC Law.

Termination of the loan contract cannot be connected with any prawo turystyczne nesterowicz exerted by the supplier orthird party. prawo turystyczne nesterowicz

The Recovery of Non-Pecuniary Loss in European Contract Law

Because of the overlaps with the general rules on Prawo turystyczne nesterowicz Private Law, the transpositionsfound in the member states vary considerably. Many other countries have tried to reach the aims of the Directive by other means.


As thenumber of possible constellations is very high, the following reference concentrates on somesignificant examples.

The required relation betweenthe country and the contract can result from the fact that, for example, an offer was made byan entrepreneur to a consumer or vice versa in that specific member state. Furthermore,concerning Estonia and Poland, the timeshare contract shall be deemed as linked to thecountry, if the purchaser is a resident of that country or if the immovable property is locatedin that member state.

In SLOVENIA, domestic law is applicable to a contract concluded on the basis of businessactivity managed by a Slovenian enterprise, and if the consumer is a current resident ofSlovenia, the immovable property does not even have to be situated within the territory of amember state of the European Union.

Besides that, Bulgarian law is also applicable in cases where the law of themember prawo turystyczne nesterowicz in which the building is located either does not comply with the directive orwhere such law is not prawo turystyczne nesterowicz.

Essential Cases on Damage - كتب Google

SWEDISH law, however, sets prawo turystyczne nesterowicz that consumers will only be grantedprotection by Swedish rules, if the law which is actually applicable to the contract, is the lawof a country which is not a member of the EU or the EEA.

Similarly, in FINLAND, if theimmovable property is located in an EEA state and the law of a non-EEA state would apply,Finnish consumer protection law applies to timeshare contracts insofar as prawo turystyczne nesterowicz offers moreeffective consumer protection than the law that would be applicable otherwise.


In other cases, German International Private Law makesthe law of the member state which is the most closely related to the case, applicable, if there isa relation between the prawo turystyczne nesterowicz contract and one of the prawo turystyczne nesterowicz states.

Such a specificrelation is deemed to be given, if the contract is concluded due to business activities in amember state of the EU or within the EEA.


For each prawo turystyczne nesterowicz the facts and the relevant court decision are presented, and the decision is analysed within the wider context of the development of the respective legal system.

In addition, the editors provide comparative analyses of the case law reported in this volume concerning all the specific problems raised under the heading of damage. Non-pecuniary awards flourish in tort and may be considered the rule rather than prawo turystyczne nesterowicz exception.