Zawgyi is a font, invented at a time where Unicode was not a widely used international standard. Zawgyi is currently the most widely used font in Myanmar. Android official language support allows you to set the phones locale to whatever is available. The list of available locales is linked in the other. After this tip, you can read both myanmar font Unicode and Zawgyi. Our beloved MIUI is already built in Unicode Myanmar font and at Global Rom you can change your phone language to Myanmar. Ok.


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Android official language support allows you to set the phones locale to whatever is available. The list of available locales is linked in the other answer.

Being on that list phone myanmar language Check if the characters are shown or if you only see [] or just nothing. BUT, there is something in between: If you see the characters but it is still not an official locale you can do the following: Copying and pasting text messages into such an interactive converter will let you read any message.


The keyboard arrangement does not determine if the text is Unicode or another form. Keyboard applications that produce Unicode are available phone myanmar language most devices and web apps.

Myanmar Scripts and Languages

Some browsers support extensions that provide virtual keyboards for Myanmar and other phone myanmar language. Is the keyboard arrangement for Unicode different from other fonts?

Unicode does not specify a keyboard arrangement, but leaves the keyboard or IME provider free to arrange the keyboard in the most natural way for the users. However, a Phone myanmar language font requires many fewer keys, because only one code point is needed for each diacritic.

How to read Myanmar language at Global rom phone - Myanmar - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum

Where do I find the Unicode characters for Myanmar script? The Myanmar script is documented in Section This link presents all Phone myanmar language script characters defined in the Unicode blocks.

  • Did Windows Phone 8 have Myanmar (Burma) Language Fonts? - Microsoft Community
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The detailed character properties for each code point are available, too. What about collation of Myanmar language data?


Is that just a phone myanmar language sort? Generally, a binary sort is not recommended. Instead, use Unicode Collation. The collation chart for Myanmar is here.

Telephone numbers in Myanmar - Wikipedia

I cannot find the code points for the kinzi in Unicode. What do I do? A kinzi is where the first consonant in a cluster is a non-word-final letter NGA. In this case, NGA rises over the phone myanmar language letter, as described here.