This volume expands upon the world and religions detailed in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide. Inside this tome of mysteries, you'll find. So, I got to thinking that I should go pick up a copy of Inner Sea Gods for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. And then I remembered that I had. The latest hardcover book from Paizo has finally arrived. Inner Sea Gods, part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line, is a page book.


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Instead of making an ungodly ha puns! I don't need a book with three classes per god basically the standard Paizo three: That frees up page space that was much better used and solved a problem in a smart way.

The feats, items, monsters, and powers provided by the book are also well done too. Like any large book, there are winners and losers for all the options provided, pathfinder inner sea gods overall it's not bad.

I think the alters and item are far overpriced for the bonus you get though.

Archives of Nethys

As above, since the non-core gods don't get much more than half a page, you can't out of the box play the new prestige classes with the obscured gods. But, those are minor problems.

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I might have problems with content, but Paizo knows how to really put a bunch in each book. The art helps keep the reader from getting bored since you are in essence reading at least pages of fake theology textbook.

Deity - PathfinderWiki

Through the miracles of priests and the weapons of crusaders, the deities of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game command unrivaled influence over the lands of the Inner Sea. Tap into their incredible might with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inside you'll discover the deepest secrets of an entire pantheon of incomparable beings, claim relics suited to both sinners and saintsand wield immortal might as a character of any background, race, or class.

No longer does the favor of the gods belong to clericspaladinsand other divine spellcasters alone—choose your faith and make holy power your own!

This volume expands upon the world and pathfinder inner sea gods detailed pathfinder inner sea gods Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide.

Areas of concern All gods have areas or concern or portfolios, pathfinder inner sea gods they and their followers focus on and hold in high regard.

Priests of a given deity tend to prefer wielding this weapon over others. When they do, a deific manifestation can be "killed", but doing so has little or no effect on the deity.


The resulting child is often fated for greatness and expresses supernatural powers. Houses of worship Worship often focuses at holy sites or temples, but organized services aren't universally required.