Learn OpenGL. com provides good and clear modern + OpenGL tutorials with clear examples. A great resource to learn modern OpenGL aimed at  ‎Shaders · ‎Introduction · ‎OpenGL · ‎Hello Triangle. Free tutorials for modern Opengl ( and later) in C/C++.‎Basic tutorials · ‎Tutorial 1: Opening a window · ‎Tutorial 2: The first triangle · ‎FAQ. Modern OpenGL tutorials. Tutorial 1: Open a window. Tutorial 2: Hello dot! Tutorial 3: First triangle. Tutorial 4: Shaders. Tutorial 5: Uniform variables. Tutorial 6.


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To show you how much it pays off to do things yourself, this guide also contains a lot of interactive opengl tutorial to make it both fun and easy to opengl tutorial all the different aspects of using a low-level graphics library like OpenGL!

As an added bonus, you always have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each chapter in the comments section.

OpenGL Step by Step - OpenGL Development

So forget everything opengl tutorial might know before your brain melts from the mix. Building the tutorials All tutorials can be built on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Opengl tutorial all these platforms, the procedure is roughly the same: Detailed procedures will now be given for each platform. Adaptations may be required.


If unsure, read the instruction for Windows and try to adapt them. Building on Windows Updating your drivers should be opengl tutorial.

If unsure about your GPU model: Opengl tutorial suggest using Visual Studio Express for Desktop as a compiler.

Welcome to OpenGL

You can download it opengl tutorial free here. Install whichever you want. Download CMake from here and install it Download the source code and unzip it, for instance in C: In the first line, navigate to the unzipped folder. If unsure, choose the folder that contains the CMakeLists.

For instance, you can choose C: Notice that it can opengl tutorial anywhere, not necessarily in the same folder.


Click on the Configure button. Since this is the first time you configure opengl tutorial project, CMake will ask you which compiler you would like to use.

  • Tutorial 1 : Opening a window
  • OpenGL Tutorial
  • Learn OpenGL, extensive tutorial resource for learning Modern OpenGL
  • Hello dot!

Choose wisely depending on step 1. Click on Configure until all red lines disappear.

Tutorial 1 : Opening a window

What will you learn? The focus of the tutorials are on Modern OpenGL.


Learning and using modern OpenGL requires a strong knowledge of graphics programming and how OpenGL operates under the hood to really get the best of your experience. So we will start by discussing core graphics aspects, how OpenGL actually draws pixels to your opengl tutorial and how we can abuse that knowledge to create some funky looking effects.

Aside from the core knowledge we will discuss many useful techniques that you opengl tutorial use for your applications like: