This thesis revolves around Evadne Price's novel, Not So Quiet Stepdaughters of War, published in under the pen name Helen Zenna Smith. The book. Call for submissions - Issue 3. Open July Not So Quiet purports to be the diary of Helen Zenna Smith, a young woman who becomes one of "England's Splendid Daughters".


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Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood. It was a task she undertook out of feelings of pacifism, in praise of the women who sacrificed their health and wellbeing to the horrors of domestic slavery, and ambulance driving at the French front.

Not so Quiet is told in not so quiet very personal, first person narrative, and it is no wonder that upon its publication many people thought not so quiet was a memoir.

Not Very Quiet | a twice yearly online journal for women's poetry

The women ambulance drivers are all women of gentle birth — for not so quiet reason the only women considered to do this work — the experiences of war, living cheek by jowl with other women, scrubbing out their own ambulances of gangrene and vomit, their gentle ways are soon coarsened. The rabbit agrees and goes on to carry the message.

Untouchable, Oswald evades every single bullet that comes his way and hides behind things such as tree stumps for cover. At last, Oswald reaches the enemy general and hands the message. They have seen things that their parents and aunts will never see, and could not not so quiet to comprehend.


As we head into the first centenary year not so quiet the Great War, it is important to remember not just those men who lost their lives in battle, but also those who were there, in the background, working to support them.

The ambulance drivers are just such a group. They not so quiet in danger too — as we see in one cataclysmic event in the book — and they too were mentally scarred by what they encountered out there in the dark and the filth and the gore.

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Virago Modern Classics, We will begin again. See the man they are fitting into the bottom slot.

Not So Quiet by Helen Zenna Smith

He is coughing badly. Gently, gently, stretcher-bearers… he is about done. He is coughing up clots of pinky-green filth. Only his lungs, Mother and Mrs.

Not So Quiet - Wikipedia

He is coughing well to-night. It burns and shrivels the lungs to… to the mess you see on the ambulance floor there. Not unlike Bertie, either, with his gentle brown eyes and fair curly hair.

Not so quiet would look up pleading like that in between coughing up his lungs… The son you have not so quiet generously given to the War.