By Norman Monath. At one time in his life Benjamin Franklin decided to try to lead a life of moral perfection. He deeply believed that virtue was its own reward. Complete your Norman Monath record collection. Discover Norman Monath's full discography. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. Anyone who can dial a telephone can learn to play popular piano quickly and easily.”So says Norman Monath, author of How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy.


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Chapter 1 The Piano Keyboard It would be helpful for you to know something about the construction of the piano keyboard, so I am going to assume you are seated in front of a piano and don''t know one note from another. This is what you are looking at: This pattern makes it easy for us to spot the various notes.

For example, the white key immediately to the left of norman monath twins is C and, following the sequence of the alphabet, the white one immediately to the left of the triplets is F.

The standard keyboard has eight C''s. The one in the middle fourth one up from the left is called "middle C. Although the piano keyboard looks quite large, it really consists of a series of duplications. The same notes keep repeating themselves as you go from one end of the piano to the other. The five different black keys and seven different white ones constitute all the twelve tones that have been used for norman monath in the music of Western civilization as the basis for all the melodies and harmonies of all the symphonies and songs that you hear.

Twelve different tones -- that''s all -- and you can play anything norman monath Bach, Beethoven or the Beatles.

Incidentally, none of this technical information about the construction of the piano keyboard is anything you will have to memorize or keep in mind while you are playing. It is norman monath for your background information, but well worth a few paragraphs because it norman monath put a lot of other important information in perspective for you.

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For example, if you were a foreigner inquiring about how to get norman monath New York to Florida, my telling you about the difference in climate between the two states would not help you get there; but it would be useful to know that you shouldn''t bother bringing a fur-lined overcoat with you.

Similarly, knowing something about norman monath mechanics of music will help you make subconscious judgments about the options you may have at any given time. If you are near a piano as you read this, you might try playing the twelve notes beginning with middle C, going from left to right or vice versa.


You will notice that there is no norman monath between the sounds made by the white keys compared to the black keys.

By this I mean that if you were to close your eyes and a friend were to play various notes, you norman monath not be able to tell which were the result of black or white keys norman monath struck unless you had absolute pitch, meaning that you would know exactly which notes were being sounded.

How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons by Norman Monath (1984, Paperback)

Therefore, you might well ask why norman monath need black keys as well as white. There are basically two reasons. Norman monath the piano consisted of all white keys, it would be half-again as wide.

That''s because the black keys are fitted between the white ones in such a way as not to take up any norman monath space. Imagine trying to fit a standard eighty-eight-key piano into your living room if it consisted only of the standard-size white keys! And even if your living room could accommodate so wide a piano, imagine yourself trying to play it from one end to the other without a sliding stool!

The second reason for space-saving black keys is that it makes it possible for the average-size hand to stretch an octave; that is, from one C to the next one above, or one D to the next above.

How To Play Popular Piano In 10 Easy Lessons - Norman Monath - Google книги

The interval of an octave is very important, since it enables you to double a particular tone. After learning to play melodies using one finger at a norman monath with your right hand, you may find it much richer-sounding in some instances norman monath play the melody in octaves.

Also, within the comfortable span of the octave which you usually play with your thumb and pinky any of the eleven other tones are playable in between. This allows you to add one or more other tones that may be in keeping with the particular harmony of the tune.

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In discussing this now, I admit that I''m jumping ahead a bit.