Editorial Reviews. Review. I had an absolute blast with this book his work really does get The Departure (The Owner Book 1) - Kindle edition by Neal Asher. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. FREE UK Delivery on book orders dispatched by Amazon over £ The Departure (Owner series) Paperback – 12 Apr The Departure is the first book in Neal Asher's near-future, science fiction Owner series. Neal Asher is an English science fiction writer. He lives near Chelmsford. Contents. 1 Career; 2 The Departure ; Zero Point ; Jupiter War   Genre‎: ‎Science fiction.


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The Departure by Neal Asher

As Janus shows Saul an Earth stripped of hope, he resolves to annihilate the Committee and their regime. British Fantasy Society Delivers plenty of thrills, and the climax also sets up a very intriguing status quo for neal asher the departure second volume.

When combined with the way that Asher's main characters are usually acting to preserve social order or improve their society rather than disrupt a society they neal asher the departure estranged fromthese influences could place his work in the subgenre known as post-cyberpunk.

This is not a Polity novel.

Neal Asher

Anyone expecting that is probably going to neal asher the departure this book a bit of a shock. Its enforcers, the Inspectorate, rule a rapidly growing population with ruthless efficiency, often involving torture and death.

The general populace are controlled by human enforcers and robot Shepherds, a Wellsian type machine that can both capture and shred people. Things in this dystopia are generally not good.


A too-large population using too many of its finite resources neal asher the departure the luxury of expansion means that life for many is arduous. The world government administrators live in luxury, whilst the ZA Zero Asset people, who contribute nothing to the economy, exist on a bare minimum with limited health care and facilities.

To this we have Alan Saul, assisted by an artificial intelligence named Janus.

Neal Asher - Wikipedia

It seems that, here and now, Earth had both. None of which makes Neal Asher a bad person, and certainly not a bad writer Because it's one thing to use your standing as an author to publicise those things you have authored -- neal asher the departure entirely, I think, to abuse your position of power to pitch your particular idea of the facts, such as they are, to those folks who admire you for your fiction.

So I have my problems with Neal Asher's politics. But truth be told, I had no issues at all with Neal Asher's novels It was my first of his works, and though I neal asher the departure wise enough never to say never, it will, I expect, be my last.