My Ship (Noeltner). from Lady in the Dark. Arrangement for jazz orchestra with voice ad lib. by Bob Noeltner . Performance Information Recordings. My Ship. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin, music by Kurt Weill / arr. Dave Rivello Jazz Ensemble Conductor Score & Parts Grade: 3 (Medium) Also Available in SmartMusic. Print and download lead sheets for My Ship composed by Kurt Weill Includes complete lyrics in F Major. SKU: MN


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my ship kurt weill As Philip Furia says in his book Ira Gershwin: The Art of the Lyricist the score, according to Gershwin, combined Surprisingly, when Hollywood filmed Lady in the Dark in with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland, the song, which is mentioned frequently in the movie, appears only as my ship kurt weill instrumental without its very important lyric, much to the dismay of Gershwin and the confusion of audiences and critics.

Its uninventive catalog of images Randy shows up for their dinner date, and they go out together.


Act II The next day, Liza is still moping in her office, unable to decide on a magazine cover. As she hears imaginary voices chiding her, including those of Kendall, Charley, and Randy, the office suddenly turns into a Circus Dream, with ringmaster Russell and chorus presenting " The Greatest Show on Earth ": After a " Dance of the Tumblers ," my ship kurt weill circus turns into a courtroom, and Liza is charged with being unable to make up her mind.

My Ship (feat. Ira Gershwin)

Russell interjects a dizzying catalogue of the names of fifty Russian composers " Tschaikowsky ". Then he calls Liza to the stand. Liza defends herself with the tale of a girl who was too decisive " The Saga of Jenny ".

But just when she thinks she's triumphed, the jury hums the mysterious tune and scares her out of her wits. The dream ends and suddenly Liza is in Dr.

Lady in the Dark

The Circus Dream has reminded her of the humiliation she felt as a child. A series of flashbacks without music ensues. Liza's father announces that he's happy Liza is plain and not beautiful like her mother.

A boy refuses to act the prince in a grade school play if Liza is the princess. When she is ten Liza's mother dies, but Liza does not grieve.

More by Kurt Weill

A handsome boy asks her out, my ship kurt weill at last she recalls in its entirety the tune which has been haunting her " My Ship " ; then she learns he has chosen another girl. Brooks's help, Liza begins to find the roots of her unhappiness in her childhood traumas.

A week later, a much calmer Liza arrives in her office. But for some unfathomable reason the song itself—as essential to this musical drama as a stolen necklace or a missing will to a melodrama—was omitted.

Although the film was successful financially, audiences evidently my ship kurt weill puzzled or felt thwarted or something, because items began to appear in movie-news columns mentioning that the song frequently referred to in Lady in the Dark was 'My Ship'.