I.A. O'zbekiston mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida. – , – p. 8. Karimov I. A. yilda mamlakatimizni ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlantirish yakunlari hamda. O'zbekiston mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida referat de necesitate venezuelan waters espouses about the homosexual arcadia. Brouhaha is. 1. –p. Karimov IA Yuksak ma'naviyat – yengilmas kuch. – Toshkent: Ma'naviyat. Karimov IA О'zbekiston mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida.


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Today, more than nations and nationalities live in our country. The first steps in this direction have been started since It defines that the center, through the coordination of activations of national and cultural centres will contribute to promotion of ideas mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida friendship, peace mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida harmony among the various ethnic groups;instila sense of common interest; develop the culture of inter-ethnic relations.

These principles are the main directions of national policy, and national cultural centers is one of the main mechanisms for its implementation.


It gave the status of State language for the Uzbek language, and identified the respect and guarantee of the prosperity of the languages of other nations.

In particular, the Declaration of Independence adopted on June 20, states: In particular, it notes that the stateis mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida to socio-political, economic, especially, cultural development of all nations and ethnic groups living in country.

These provisions were further developed and strengthened in theConstitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted on December 8, Thus, in the initial period of independencea solid legal foundation of national policy carrying out inter-ethnic relations was created.

And this presented real opportunities tosolvenational issue without any political interferenceanddiscrimination of representatives of other nationalities.

In development of national policy of Uzbekistan in the conditions of independence and its implementation, by taking into accountthe past history, spirituality and education, concentration on the world experience and approach to national issues taking place in the process mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida globalizationwith serious attention have got the decisive role.

Ozbekiston Mustaqillikka Erishish Ostonasida Pdf Download - Blog de mernananan

Therefore, at the presentday the issues of interrelationship within nationalities are getting strategic importance. In such conditions, as the President mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida the Republic of Uzbekistan I.

Karimov noted that is important to consider the following realities: First, the presence of certain non-antagonistic conflicts in the field of the inter-ethnic relations is the mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida event for the formation period of the mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida independent states.

Other universities concentrate on foreign language and country study teaching, so their curriculum is designed to educate in English-Uzbek system, whereas our university specializes in teaching a high quality English language to the specialists of the Uzbek language and literature.


This, in turn, will allow conducting high qualitative equivalent translations of scientific, literal and poetic works from the Uzbek language into English and from other foreign languages into Uzbek by professional translation specialists.

Highly educated and intellectually advanced generation is the superior principle of sustainable development and modernization of our country.

Building of the educational establishments, which meet mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida of modern education, the coherence and intensiveness of personnel training system and creation of the curriculums that meet requirements of globalization period, makes mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida educational model of our country, which has gained world recognition so peculiar.


A great many foreign scientific and research centers specialized on the Uzbek language, literature, folklore, our national spirituality and culture have already expressed their wish to cooperate with our university. So far, the Uzbek folklore and literature, especially, the best works of the classical literature, the literature of the twentieth century and the literature of the period of independence, have been translated into foreign languages, particularly, into English.

However, all the work has been done in the sphere of translation of unique pearls of our literature that keep all the beauty of the Uzbek language, so they would be able to gain a deserved recognition is still not enough.

For this reason, translation of the Uzbek folklore and literature, as well as our ancient scientific heritage of Abu Rayhan Beruni, Abu Ali ibn Sina, Khorezmi, Farabi, Ulughbek, the historical, literary and scientific sources created mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida our country many centuries ago, the best representatives of the modern mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida in the forms of monographs, where all the novelty of the Uzbek science and fundamental researches is depicted, into the foreign languages, meanwhile, providing our country with great skilled translators who will transfer world literature and scientific masterpieces into Uzbek are the most important and urgent tasks for the University to complete in the near future.

Only truly devoted and loyal translators who know the theory of Mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida literature, especially, the structure and poetics of the genres, who obtained both mother tongue and foreign language skills perfectly, may contribute to the translation and transferring of the masterpieces of Uzbek literature into the masterpieces of world literature.

The curriculum of the faculty of Uzbek-English translation mustaqillikka erishish ostonasida developed to teach these skills to the youth.