One of the best intro books you can get is The Master Guide to Drawing Anime. In a line of Chris Hart books I have to say that Manga for the Beginner is truly a. Hi, this is my collection of favorite books for Beginners How to Draw Anime & Game More How to Draw Manga Vol.1 - The Basics of Character Drawing. Our Manga books will show you how to draw manga, We even have books A detailed guide for beginners looking to master The Art of Drawing Manga, Ben.


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This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you learn more Mastering the manga art style is not a simple formula.


It takes a lot of practice and a willingness to try new techniques in your art. But with the right learning materials you can shave off some time from the learning process.

Take a look over the list and see which titles stand out to you. This covers everything you could possibly need to know including facial expressions, clothes, posing, and quick tips for mastering the manga style. The author Christopher Hart has written dozens of books about art and self-teaching.

He really knows how to manga drawing books for beginners information clearly regardless of your skill level.

Best Manga Drawing Books To Help You Master The Art Style

This book is full of templates and step-by-step guides to help you master the manga art style. If you follow along with each chapter and manga drawing books for beginners the exercises on your own then you should see a big jump in skill.

Each page is full of rich information and the print quality is superb. This is a must-have title for anyone serious about drawing manga.

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Mastering Manga Learning how to draw in the style of Japanese manga is one thing. But the book Mastering Manga goes even further to teach the structure of manga layouts.

The author Mark Crilley uses plenty of visual examples to convey each idea so you can follow along with ease. You should pick up this book once you have some basic ability to draw in the manga style.

Mark does not get too deep into the art style itself. However by practicing these exercises you should walk away with a much stronger practical understanding of manga.


This manga drawing books for beginners is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own graphic novels or even their own manga-style webcomic.

The chapters progress slowly from faces and poses to sparkling anime eyes, crazy costumes, and wacky hair designs. If you repeat these lessons frequently enough you will see results.

Best Manga Drawing Books To Help You Master The Art Style

Note this book is not for an absolute beginner. If you need manga drawing books for beginners better place to start consider picking up The Master Guide to Drawing Anime or even consider grabbing the next book in this list.

This is one of the longer books in this list with a total of pages. I will say that some of the body posing exercises can be intimidating.

What are some good books for learning to draw Japanese manga? - Quora

But just be patient and keep trying! Over time you will develop the muscle memory to replicate these styles with ease. And the exercises in this book can help you get there. This book spans pages manga drawing books for beginners of exercises for drawing and coloring different anime figures.

Many different artists contribute to this book so you get to learn from a variety of experts. If you have no idea where to start but need an overall view of manga drawing then this book is for you.