Reny JL, Cabane J. Maladie de Buerger ou thromboangéïte oblitérante. Rev Med Interne ; 8. Olin JW, Young JR, Graor RA, Ruschhaupt WF. Buerger Disease - Thromboangitis Obliterans - Buergers Disease - Disease, Buerger - Disease, Buerger's. Français Maladie de Buerger - Syndrome de. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Thromboangéite Oblitérante ou Maladie de Buerger | Buerger's disease or thromboangiitis obliterans is an inflammatory.


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It has been suggested that something, yet undefined, in nicotine may be involved. All types of tobacco and cigarette paper have been implicated and a few cases have been maladie de buerger among users of smokeless tobacco [ 19 ].

These cases might be triggered by cold, frostbite, traumatism of the extremities or even abuse of sympathomimetic drugs [ 3720—22 ].

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Cases of juvenile arteritis with atherosclerotic lesions have been related to the use of Cannabis saliva or C. The role of cannabis was recently reconsidered, maladie de buerger in the description of a specific cannabis arteritis [ 24 ]. Clinically cannabis arteritis is maladie de buerger similar to Buerger's disease and the reported differences in pathological lesions are not very convincing [ 25 ].

While nearly all patients with TAO use tobacco in some forms, the role of cannabis remains more controversial and these habits should be considered as factors strongly contributory to TAO.

Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

An impaired endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation in the peripheral vasculature, even in maladie de buerger non-diseased limbs, has been shown in patients with TAO [ 26 ]. Mild perturbations in clotting have been described but there is no evidence to suggest that hypercoagulability or fibrinolytic abnormalities play a major role [ maladie de buerger ].

Various investigations have also been carried out with the aim of identifying an autoimmune mechanism responsible for TAO [ 228—32 ]. Hypersensitivity to type I [ 228 ] and III [ 2 ] collagen associated with the presence of anti-collagen [ 2 ] or anti-elastin [ 3032 ] antibodies has been shown.

Maladie de Buerger - translation - French-Arabic Dictionary

These abnormalities have proved to be non-specific and have not been confirmed. Maladie de buerger may also occur secondarily to inflammatory modifications rather than being the cause of the vascular lesions [ 31 ].

Increased levels of anti-endothelial cell antibodies have been reported in patients with active disease [ 33 ], but the specificity of such findings remains to be established. Clinical features TAO generally begins in young male smokers with hand or foot maladie de buerger due to distal small arteries and veins involvement of the limbs.

Ischaemia of the lower limbs The commonest presenting symptoms are ischaemic manifestations of the lower limbs [ maladie de buerger81421 ].

Rare disease: Buerger’s disease (Thromboangiitis obliterans): a diagnostic challenge

Claudication in the arch of the foot is an early sign and is suggestive of, or even specific to TAO [ 34 ]. This condition is maladie de buerger manifestation of infrapopliteal vessel occlusive disease.

Rest pain generally occurs on the forefoot, causing continuous pain and obliging patients to sleep with their legs dangling downwards.

The intensity of this pain often contrasts with the apparently limited, almost benign appearance of the ischaemic trophic lesions Fig. Superinfection often occurs and the lesions progress towards necrosis and distal gangrene.

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