LuraDocument PDF Compressor is a document conversion engine. -and-data-conversion-software/ Download lura pdf compressor for free. Office Tools downloads - LuraDocument PDF Compressor Desktop by LuraTech Imaging GmbH and many more. Achieve consistency and quality by converting to standardized PDF and PDF/A. Save file space and ease file sharing with industry-leading image compression.


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LuraTech also makes it easier for users to examine extracted data and make corrections for documents with lower character recognition rates.

With its option Form Validator modules, LuraTech guarantees percent accurate data extraction luradocument pdf compressor to import into back office systems.

Download LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop (formerly LuraDocument PDF Compressor)

All LuraTech products easily integrate into capture and archive workflow since they are offered in a variety of versions, luradocument pdf compressor simple, desktop packages to command luradocument pdf compressor tools and software development kits SDKs.

Demonstration versions also can be requested by visiting www. Nelson Best Practices Award. Winners will be announced on March 4.

LuraDocument PDF Compressor - COPTR

PDF Compressor Server also enabled the agencies to reduce their storage requirements by 90 percent and improve electronic transfer capabilities by reducing file sizes from 8 Megabits to 80 kilobits per page.

LuraTech makes image and document compression, archiving and luradocument pdf compressor a reality for public and private sector organizations by delivering easy-to-implement, open-standard imaging products, coupled with enterprise-class service luradocument pdf compressor support.

For more information, visit the LuraTech website at www. LuraTech Like what you are reading?

Lura pdf compressor

Automated forms data capture using 2D barcode can be 20 times more cost effective than manual re-keying, including key-from-image. It can also be up to five times more cost effective than OCR because it eliminates the inefficient and expensive manual luradocument pdf compressor required as part of OCR data quality control.


Powerful client-server application that serves to manually capture data from paper forms of all kinds Supports single forms to multi-page applications Luradocument pdf compressor simultaneously handle different form types. Designed to dramatically reduce your global paper data capture costs.


Allows PDF files to be included in Windows search results through super-fast file indexing. Designed to unleash the computing power of today's advanced server architectures to perform crawls at blazing speeds Superior performance and scalability reduce customers' total cost luradocument pdf compressor ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration Supports multiple languages, including Asian languages and right-to-left languages, with ease Supports indexing of ISO which based upon PDF 1.

So you can ensure everyone who works with PDF files—from users who handle a few a day to departments that convert thousands an hour—has the functionality they need.

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