Bibliografia Vectores y tensores con sus aplicaciones,Ator: Santalo Luis A. Luis Antonio Santaló Sors, Luis A. Santaló Since gii is a covariant tensor and xi is a tangent vector, it follows from that F is a scalar invariant and. Luis A. Santalo is the author of Integral Geometry and Geometric Probability ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Vectores y Tensores.


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Luis Antonio Santaló Sors

Other models of non-Euclidean geometry Geometria proyectiva [ edit ] A curious feature of this book on projective geometry is the opening on abstract algebra including luis santalo vectores y tensores of compositiongroup theoryring theoryfieldsfinite fieldsvector spaces and linear mapping.

These seven introductory sections on algebraic structures provide an enhanced vocabulary for the treatment of 15 classical topics of projective geometry. Furthermore sections 14 projectivities with non-commutative fields, 22 quadrics over non-commutative fields, and 26 finite geometries embellish the classical study.


The usual topics are covered such as 4 Fundamental theorem of projective geometry11 projective plane12 cross-ratio13 harmonic quadruples18 pole and polar21 Klein model of non-Euclidean geometry22—4 quadrics. Serious and coordinated study of this text is invited by exercises luis santalo vectores y tensores the end of 25 sections, luis santalo vectores y tensores solutions on pages — Integral Geometry and Geometric Probability [2] [ edit ] Amplifies and extends the text.

Vectores y tensores con sus aplicaciones [ edit ] Includes standard vector algebra, vector analysisintroduction to tensor fields and Riemannian manifoldsgeodesic curves, curvature tensor and general relativity to Schwarzschild metric.

The head of this new Mathematical Institute was the 64 year old Beppo Levi who had been dismissed from his chair of the theory of functions at the University of Luis santalo vectores y tensores due to Mussolini's July anti-Semitic Manifesto of Race which removed Italian citizenship from Jews and banned them from jobs in education.

Beppo Levi had emigrated to Argentina with his wife and two daughters to take up the position as head of the new Mathematical Institute of the National University of the Littoral.

Santaló, Luis A. (Luis Antonio) 1911-2001

Remarkably, although Beppo Levi was 64 when he took up the positions of professor and director of the Mathematical Institute in Rosario, he was able to continue to teach, undertake research and undertake administrative duties for a further 20 years.

She was the first of their three children, the other two being Alicia and Claudia. With luis santalo vectores y tensores grant to study differential geometry from the Guggenheim Foundation he spent the academic year at Princeton accompanied by his wife and daughter.

Also during this period he visited the University of Chicago, invited by Marshall Stoneand gave a course of lectures. Around this time his third daughter Claudia was born.

The full professorship allowed him to give up the multiple jobs that he had taken on earlier and he was able to concentrate fully on teaching and research. A summary of his contributions is given in luis santalo vectores y tensores 16 ]: His works, which have been particularly influential in the scientific community of Spanish-speaking nations, were published in the major North American, British, German and Russian scientific journals.

Luis A. Santalo (Author of Integral Geometry and Geometric Probability)

Part of his work was devoted to this end in the form of articles and books on the teaching of mathematics in secondary education. Every child captures the essence of our science, but only some, naturally gifted, will come to stand out or attempt creative work.

We know that they bloom at a very early age and if they are not educated then they fail; it is the duty of the luis santalo vectores y tensores to discover and guide them; it is society's obligation to offer them an opportunity for their development.


The rest of the citizens, without that special capacity or vocation, must, however, learn all the mathematics necessary to understand the world we live in. To ignore luis santalo vectores y tensores language to which the sciences aspire and use its techniques, is to be locked away in illiteracy that a civilized country can not tolerate.


Here the price of mismanagement is dependence, the loss of sovereignty. He received much recognition in Argentina during his career: Also in Spain his achievements were recognised was awards.

The citation for this award reads: His research, combined with exemplary university work, form the personality of this great Spanish-American luis santalo vectores y tensores, internationally recognised and considered as one of the most important contemporary geometricians.

In literature he preferred Agatha Christie's detective novels and short stories. In sports he watched football on television but regretted that new scheduling diminished the number of games.

Luis Santaló

Let us end this biography by quoting from the Preface to [ 2 ] written by Simon Donaldson: The paths that can be traced from the most ancient concepts to sophisticated modern abstractions form one of the charms of the subject.

Luis santalo vectores y tensores can all agree that the study of lines in three dimensional Euclidean space is a part of geometry. It is a wonderful idea that the set of all lines can itself be considered as a space, which has in turn its own geometry.