NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, and is now in development for cable TV.‎Books · ‎Coming Soon · ‎Blog · ‎Dirty Money. COVER REVEAL. The Filthy Duet will release in November and January and will be a STANDALONE DUET meaning you need only to read these two books to. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series. Suzanne Todd (Alice in.


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She won the highest acclaim in her business career inwhen her company earned lisa renee jones spot on the list of the top growing women-owned businesses in the Entrepreneur Magazine.


Still, the business success she had in the late 20th century is nothing compared to what followed lisa renee jones couple of years later, when she decided to pursue lisa renee jones career of a novelist. The company owned by Lisa and Diego was the place where the idea for the Inside Out series was born.

Lisa Renee Jones (Author of If I Were You)

The story goes that Lisa kept a diary in between lisa renee jones work in the company. One time, her husband accidentally found the journal and became impressed by what she had written. The pages were filled with both accounts from her daily life and her fantasies, which Diego found especially interesting.

He advised lisa renee jones to focus only on her imagination and create a whole fictional world. Rather unenthusiastically, Lisa agreed and spent a few months before finishing her first novel.


Diego tried to convince Lisa to go full scale on this, but it took several years before she published it. Publishing it proved to be the best decision in her life. The first book from the Inside Out series, called If I Were You lisa renee jones met with instant acclaim, prompting Lisa Renee Jones to quit her sales career and become a full-time novel writer.

The success followed when she published the other books from the series, earning her a spot in the New York Lisa renee jones and USA Today best selling list.

Lisa Renee Jones | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

On top of that, Lisa Renee Jones works are often cited as being perfect for TV and movie adaptations. Sara McMillan lisa renee jones the main character in the Inside Out book series.


Lisa renee jones is a modern woman, who is strong emotionally and successful in her career, which are the similarities with the novel author. But unlike Lisa Renee Jones, Sara is not happily married.

The book series follows the sexual and emotional voyage of a humble English teacher, Sara McMillan, who is inspired to change her life after finding a personal journal of an unfamiliar woman named Rebecca.

The passionate stories that she finds in the lisa renee jones, encourage Lisa renee jones to explore her own sexuality and move from imagining a dark fantasy to living a thrilling reality.

Similar authors to follow

The multidimensional personality of Sara McMillan and the changes she makes in her life are probably the main reasons why this character became so popular.

Since the first book started printing, Sara became a role model for girls who were lisa renee jones to take their life into their own hands and do what they really want to.

The fact that the Inside Out book series caught the eye of Suzanne Todd, a famous Hollywood movie producer, shows how influential this book is.

The Team Todd has commissioned a TV series based on the Inside Out universe, after being, in the words of Suzanne Todd, lisa renee jones by the lead character.

Lisa Renee Jones

Although, lisa renee jones Inside Out series was the one that brought Lisa Renee Jones the stardom, this author has written a number of lisa renee jones novels. In fact, Jones has explored many different genres, which brought her nothing but more success.

Werewolf Society is a horror book series, written by Lisa Renee Jones, which proves that the writer not only has talent for writing exciting erotic novels, but also to deal with thriller.

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You can find her sizzling romances at Ellora's Cave as well. Lisa recently took a leap of faith and dared to move across the country, leaving Texas for New York.

She now has new horizons to inspire lisa renee jones writing and spends her days penning the dreams playing in her head.

Because she loves staying busy, she often uses her sales and marketing background for consulting jobs within the publishing industry.