3 Une fois cueillis, les agrumes transpirent et perdent de l'eau ce qui les conduirait au fil desjours à se 52 1 2 MALADIES ET RAVAGEURS Dues à des virus. Recherches sur un programme de lutte biologique et intégrée contre les ravageurs des agrumes en Grèce.: Fruits; Argyriou, L.C. Integrated pest control. RESUME:Lutte intégrée contre les ravageurs des agrumes en Israël. D. Rosen. The Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot (Israël). Search for more.


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Citrus Pests Key is aimed primarily at extension agents, inspectors, and other plant professionals with access to a light microscope and hand lens. It is designed to help users determine which type of citrus insect les ravageurs des agrumes they have encountered by featuring an interactive key coupled with illustrated, descriptive fact sheets for each pest.

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Citrus Pests Key is intended to be used as a screening aid. The study was conducted by examination and sampling of whitefly adult populations on young shoots and catches as well as its parasitoid during a month period by counting the parasite and infested-live larvae.

Les ravageurs des agrumes showed remarkable variations in abundance indices and infestation rates of larvae and adults that depended on the growth flush in foliage and meteorological conditions of the region.

The woolly whitefly manifested three flight periods coinciding with three growth flushes of orange sap; in autumn towards the end of September followed by mid-November les ravageurs des agrumes the highest average abundance of 10 individuals per branch and a third flight period in mid-May.

EPPO Global Database

Phases of growth flush seemed to have an effect on the temporal distribution of adults over the sampling period from July to June. Les ravageurs des agrumes for the incidence of natural enemies on whiteflies, despite their abundance, their impact was not optimum due to the large fluctuations in number of whiteflies.


Although the pest-parasitoid complex appears to be important in the orchard, the biological regulation exerted by C. An integrated approach is needed using additional natural enemies associated with the woolly whitefly.

Contrôle des populations d'Aonidiella aurantii (Maskelle) en vergers d'agrumes au Maroc | Fruits

Keywords citrus; biological control; population dynamics; Aleurothrixus floccosus; Cales noacki; phenology; Chlef Northwestern Algeria Full Text: Les cahiers de la recherche agronomique, 35, Pests and pollinators of fruit crops.

Springer Les ravageurs des agrumes PublishingAgusti, M. Levante Agricola Revista internacional de citricos, 3Whiteflies and psyllid injurious to citrus. In Proceedlings Experts Meetingpp.

La lutte intégrée contre les ravageurs des agrumes

Ed1, Food and Agriculture Organization, Osservazioni su Aleurothrixus floccosus Mask. Aleyrodidae e sul suo antagonista Cales noacki How. Redia, 74 1 ,11— Introduction de Les ravageurs des agrumes noaki Hym. Sampling and spatial patterns of whiteflies.

Intercept Ltd, Andover, Spiroplasmas, Acholeplasmas,and Mycoplasmas of Plants and Arthropods focuses on existing knowledge and recent development in research on spiroplasmas, acholeplasmas, and other mollicutes of plants and arthropods.