Acoustics, edition by Leo L. Beranek. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 83, ; · Leo L. Beranek. Dr. Leo Beranek's pioneering concert hall research and project work has left an indelible impression on the study and practice of concert hall. Leo L. Beranek, an engineer whose company designed the acoustics for the United Nations and concert halls at Lincoln Center and.


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His father was a farmer whose ancestors came from Bohemia in what is now the Czech Republic and his mother, previously a schoolteacher, had become a farmwife.

Leo Beranek - Wikipedia

After his first year, he rode in a horse-drawn school bus on a two-hour trip to a somewhat larger school. In his family moved back to Solon, where he was soon skipped over third leo beranek acoustica and moved directly into fourth grade leo beranek acoustica. In Beranek's father brought home a battery-powered radio containing a single vacuum tube.

His eldest son became fascinated with both the technology and the musical aspects of radio. In the harsh winter of Leo beranek acousticaBeranek's mother died suddenly, leaving his father with huge debts and forcing his father to sell the farm within two months.

In junior high school Beranek earned his first independent money by selling silk stockings and fabric. Beranek's father remarried and moved the family to the nearby town of Mount Vernon, Iowawhere he became co-owner of a hardware store.

At his father's suggestion, Beranek learned radio repair via a correspondence courseand apprenticed to an older repairman.

Acoustics - Leo Leroy Beranek - Google книги

The younger Beranek quickly learned the trade, and was soon able to buy a Model T automobile. Leo beranek acoustica also earned some spare cash by playing trap drums in a 6-person dance band. He continued to excel in his studies, including a typing class rarely studied by boys where he was the top performer.

In the summers of and Beranek worked as a field hand on local farms, to earn tuition money and to improve his physical condition. Beranek moved into two rooms above a bakery, shared with three other students to save money. leo beranek acoustica


leo beranek acoustica He also continued to repair radios and played in a dance band, but falling income forced him to consider dropping down to a single class in mathematics during the next academic year.

This was his first trip to a big city and it was a revelation. He attended concert performances by the Chicago Symphony and Detroit Symphony daily, was dazzled by the displays of industrial products and technology, and fascinated by the international leo beranek acoustica.


In fall ofhe bought an early disc sound recorder to earn a modest fee by recording students before and leo beranek acoustica taking a speech training class.

This was his first hands-on experience with the developing science of acoustics.

Leo Beranek

By early he was forced to drop out of college and work full-time to earn more tuition money. While there, he also met and dated Florence "Floss" Martin, a business school student. He was able to save enough money to attend the Spring semester at Cornell College, then returned to Collins Radio for the summer.

In August Beranek had a chance encounter with a stranger whose car had developed a flat tire while passing through Mount Vernon.

While helping the stranger who turned out to be Glenn Browninghe learned that the passing motorist leo beranek acoustica written a technical paper on radio technology. When Beranek mentioned plans for graduate school, Browning encouraged him to apply to Harvard Universitya possibility he leo beranek acoustica regarded as financially out of reach.

He managed leo beranek acoustica major wiring jobs for Cornell, including designing and installing a master antenna system in a new men's dormitory then under construction. Beranek graduated from Cornell College in summer with a Bachelor of Arts.


He continued studies at Harvard Universitywhere he received a doctorate in Career[ edit ] During World War II Beranek managed Harvard's electro-acoustics laboratory, which designed communications and noise reduction systems for Leo beranek acoustica War II aircraft, while at the same time developing other military technologies.

During this time he built the first anechoic chamberan extremely quiet room for studying noise effects which later would inspire John Cage 's philosophy of silence.

In Beranek became involved with a small company called Hush-A-Phonewhich marketed a cup that fit over the mouthpiece of a telephone receiver in order to prevent the person speaking from being overheard.

Although Hush-A-Phone had been around since the s, Beranek leo beranek acoustica his acoustical expertise to develop an improved version of the device.