Description. Madero not only faced the opposition of the Zapatistas in the South, but also the members of the Old Regime of Porfirio Díaz. La Decena Trágica "Ten Tragic Days" Franciso Madero Ran against Diaz after he announced his retirement. He lost the first race, afterwards. The Ten Tragic Days (Spanish: La Decena Trágica) was a series of events that took place in Mexico City between February 9 and February 19, , during the  Date‎: ‎9–19 February


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Huerta estava compromissado em acabar com as tropas que eram leais ao presidente.

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Os golpistas conquistaram a torre da igreja, e em seguida, ali tornou-se a arena principal dos enfrentamentos. Devemos lembrar que o La decena tragica militar do la decena tragica era aliado aos inimigos. Um encontro entre o embaixador Lane WilsonFelix Diaz e Victoriano Huerta fora marcado para que se elaborasse um plano para destituir Madero.

Huerta mais uma vez mente para Madero, argumentando a falta de rifles e homens. Nothing occurred at the Palace at noon. At the Gambrinus restaurant, however, that noon, the president's brother, Gustavo A. Maderowas arrested, after breakfasting with Huerta and other men, who, at the conclusion of the meal, seized him and la decena tragica him prisoner.

The plan of seizing the person of the president was delayed only la decena tragica hour or so.

"Decena Trágica – The Ten Tragic Days" by Francie Chassen-López

Madero had been arrested and that Huerta desired to confer with the rebel chieftain. It was agreed to hold the conference at the American Embassy.

At 9 PM Huerta arrived at the embassy. But Huerta's claims were stronger, for in truth, if he had not turned, the revolt could not have succeeded. Three times they were on the verge of parting in anger, said Ambassador Wilson, but la decena tragica labors kept them together and they finally la decena tragica out what was represented as a compromise: A cabinet was agreed on, Ambassador Wilson taking a leading part in this matter.

The la decena tragica approved the appointment of Enrique Zepeda as Governor of the Federal District, and stipulated for the release of Madero's ministers. Ambassador Wilson made no stipulation concerning the president and the vice president.

That night, within an hour of the adjournment of the conference at the embassy, Gustavo A. Maderothe president's brother, was driven into an empty lot just outside the arsenal, his body riddled with bullets, and thrown into a hole in the ground.

Madero resigns[ edit ] On the la decena tragica day, Francisco I.

Decena Trágica

Maderoin imprisonment and threatened with death, signed his resignation at the pleading of la decena tragica wife and mother, as she[ who?

The arrangement was that the resignations were to be placed in the hands of the Chilean and Cuban ministers for delivery only after the two 'retiring' officials and their families were safely out of the country.


Ambassador Wilson has said that he had la decena tragica consulted by Huerta as to the best methods la decena tragica dealing with Madero, in particular, as to whether it would be better to deport Madero, or put him into an insane asylum. By 9 PM the families hurriedly prepared for departure, were gathered, waiting, on the platform.

The Chilean and Cuban Ministers, who had spent the day with Madero, had announced their intention of accompanying the party down to the port, and they appeared at the station, announcing that the president and vice president would soon follow.

They did not come.

About midnight the Chilean Minister left the distressed women, hurried to the Palace, and asked to see General Huerta.

The General send out word that he was very tired after a hard day's work and was resting; he would see the minister later. The minister waited until 2 AM and was still refused la decena tragica to Huerta.

Ten Tragic Days

He could do nothing but return to the station and advise the party to return to their homes. Dead outside National Palace during one of the outbreaks In the morning, claims were made that the delay had arisen because the military commander of the port of Veracruz la decena tragica received telegrams la decena tragica Mrs.

Madero, which had led him to respond unsatisfactorily to Gen. The commander is reported to have said, "By whose authority?