Jump to Poems - Among many poems that Iraj composed, his well-known poems include Satan (in Persian: Ebleess), Mother (in Persian: Maadar), A Letter to a Poet Aref Ghazvini (in Persian: Arefnameh), Woman's Picture (in Persian: Tassvir-e Zan), Story of the Veil or Hijab (in Persian: hejab) and the Story of Zohreh and Manouchehr (in ‎Life · ‎Marriage and offices. In his poetry, Iraj Mirza , a modernist Iranian poet and satirist, openly and Such unveiling is best depicted in two of his long poems: Arefnameh and. Women. NOTE: This feature contains adult language. Missing the point? Another look at Iraj Mirza's famous poem on the chador [Full text]. September 4,


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In Zohreh and Manuchehr, presumably written later in his life, the poet paints a more circumscribed picture of the naked female body, presumably that of a goddess turned human.


On contrast to iraj mirza poems woman in Arefnameh, here Zohreh undresses herself tastefully to entice her virgin beloved, Manuchehr. As the latter leaves the scene to ascend back to the sky, the former is left to ponder his conquest and the plight that turns a youthful infatuation for a beautiful body into the calamity that is love.

Iraj Mirza - Wikipedia

At 52, Iraj moved back to Tehran where he died on March 14, He was survived by his second son, Khosrow Iraj. Poems[ edit ] Iraj iraj mirza poems considered as one of the famous contemporary poets of Iran and also as the first Iranian master of colloquial poetry.


In his verses he uses words from everyday speech. The origin of this tendency has come to be identified with his name.

Iraj Mirza’s Sexual Poetics: Writing Like a Man, Reading Like a Man

Through Iraj, poetic language was enriched with many colloquial words and expressions. His simple poetic language is also famous for its witticism and satire.


During Qajar era, Iraj was influenced by the Persian Constitutional Revolution — and by the changing circumstances in the country. This fact is manifested in the particular style of poetry that he created.

  • Quote by Iraj Mirza Persian Poet: “They say, that when I was born, my mother taugh”
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Modern and imported concepts, combined with what were obtained from his own thoughts, form the framework of his style. He criticizes the social conditions of the country, and the striking originality in his use of iraj mirza poems when addressing diverse social problems has been admirable by his critics.

His style is rich in the art of simile.

His striking sarcasm, pungent and fanged words iraj mirza poems pointed at the dishonest clergy, businessmen, merchants and statesmen. His praise never shaded into flattery. Iraj also composed very nice massnawi and qat'aa on the raising and education of children, maternal affection, love and romance.

Iraj Mirza

He was an enlightened and innovative poet, and tended towards European thought. As Iraj mirza poems was waiting for a friend in the car, I read it all with great enthusiasm.

What courage and wisdom, I thought.

Iraj Mirza had made a strong argument against false chastity, iraj mirza poems with great sense of humor and imagination. And he used adult language in a way rarely seen in Iranian literature, even today, outside Iran.

When my friend got into the car, Iraj mirza poems asked her to give me a moment of her time. But before I finished the first page, she asked, "Isn't this the one about rape?