Jump to Tipos de interruptores eléctricos - Utilízase comúnmente nos cuadro eléctricos de viviendes, El so empléu complementar col de interruptores. Interruptores de Potencia Subestaciones Eléctricas Un interruptor es un dispositivo cuya función es interrumpir y restablecer la continuidad en. Varios interruptores y tomas de pared #apagador #toma_electrico #toma_telefonico_apagador_doble.


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Switches come in interruptores electricos variety of styles interruptores electricos are actuated by hand, foot, or through the detection of pressure, level, or objects.

Switches can be simple on-off types or can have multiple positions that, for instance, can control the speed of a multi-speed fan.


Switch operators can be found in various shapes and sizes, such as toggles or buttons, and can be furnished in a variety interruptores electricos colors. Types of Electrical Switches Switch function interruptores electricos defined by the number of poles and throws the switch has.

Types of Electrical Switches

The interruptores electricos type of switch is a single-pole, single-throw SPST device that functions as an on-off switch. Double-pole, double-throw DPDT switches are commonly employed as internal polarity reversing circuits.

Switches of up to four poles and three throws are common and some have breaks. Foot Switches Foot Switches are electro-mechanical devices used to control power in an electrical circuit interruptores electricos foot pressure.

Interruptor - Wikipedia

Interruptores electricos are often used on machines where an operator needs his or her hands to stabilize a workpiece. Key specifications include number of pedals, switching function, voltage rating, and current rating.

Foot switches find use in many press applications where hand controls cannot be used to actuate a cycle. They are also commonly used in hospital equipment and office interruptores electricos.

Level Switches Level Switches are electro-mechanical devices used to detect the level of liquids, powders, or solids. They are mounted in tanks, hoppers, or bins, and can provide output to a control system.

In some instances they can be used to actuate a device directly, such as level switches used in residential sump pumps. Key specifications include measured media, output type, switch type, voltage and current ratings, and the materials used for the body, stem, and float.

Level switches are used extensively in the process industries to monitor tank and hopper levels. They are used in everyday applications as well.

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Limit Switches Limit Switches are electro-mechanical devices interruptores electricos to sense motion and position mechanically and provide output signals to a controller. They are available as bare switches, interruptores electricos in rugged enclosures intended for the tough environment of a factory floor.

Key specifications include actuator type, voltage, and current ratings. A variety of actuator types from rods to whiskers ensures that any manner of machine, component, or work pieces can be sensed by interruptores electricos limit switch. Limit switches are used in many common consumer machines interruptores electricos as washing machines.

In their ruggedized form they are used in many types of manufacturing facilities such as steel mills and paper plants.

Interruptores electricos

Membrane Switches Membrane Switches are circuit board based electro-mechanical devices that provide tactile control of processes and machines without the need for individual push switches.

They are often custom designed to suit a particular process. Key interruptores electricos include circuit assembly type, actuator type, and terminal type. Number of keys, graphics, illumination, and displays interruptores electricos also be important features.

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Membrane Switches are common in commercial products where incorporating all control functions into a single device can save costs over using discrete switches. Pressure Switches Pressure Switches are electro-mechanical devices used to sense fluid pressure and provide output signals to a controller.

They often employ a diaphragm as the sensing means. Key specifications include the pressure type, media measured, diaphragm material, pressure connection, interruptores electricos and maximum working pressures, and maximum switch current.

Pressure switches are used to keep pressure within limits in lubrication systems where over-pressure or under-pressure conditions can result in damage to the machine. Pull Chain Switches Pull Chain Switches are electro-mechanical devices that are hand operated and used to switch interruptores electricos circuit on and off, or step a circuit through increasing power levels.


Their most common application is in lighting where they are used to switch lamps.