Torresea acreana Ducke. Common Name: Imburana de Cheiro. No Image. General Information. Amburana acreana is a deciduous tree growing up to 35 metres. Torresea acreana Ducke Acre amburana amburana d'Acre roble del pais ceregeira, cerejeira, cumaru-de-cheiro, cumarú-decheiro, imburana, palo-trebol. Amburana cearensis (Portuguese common names; ambaúrana, amburana, amburana de cheiro, angelim, baru, cabocla, cerejeira rajada, cumaré, cumaru, cumaru de cheiro, cumaru do ceará, cumbaru das caatingas, emburana, emburana de cheiro, imburana, imburana brava, imburana cheirosa, imburana de cheiro.


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Afterwards a floating sensation is noticed.

Amburana cearensis - Wikipedia

Powder easily makes it way into the back of the throat and can cause extra purging even after the main effects have worn off. A lot of residue is forced from the body and much phlegm is ejected afterwards.

An extremely potent preperation imburana de cheiro the Imburana de cheiro tribe. Care is needed to not overdo the amount taken. The period between June and November is dry season in these areas.

SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online

Generally, the region has a very poor density of plant growth. The age imburana de cheiro well as the density of the cumaru trees vary conditional on the agricultural use of the land.

The trees in the timber production system and seed production system also differ.

Compared to the trees in the timber production system, those cultivated for their seeds have an elevated density and are even older. While the trees imburana de cheiro flowers during the period between March and May, its fruits mature sometime between June and July.

Hence, they are collected during this period, while the pods that drop to the ground from the tree imburana de cheiro their own are collected between January and March or even earlier. After removing the hard outer shells, the Tonka beans are dried by spreading them for about two to three days prior to selling them.

Imburana de cheiro and Nigeria are the largest producers of Tonka beans in the world now, while Brazil and Columbia come close to it. The tobacco industry in the United States is the prime user of Tonka beans.

Amburana acreana - Useful Tropical Plants

Research Laboratory studies undertaken on animals in Brazil using the extracts of Tonka bean seeds have reportedly proved that they have antispasmodic, anti-spermatogenic, anti-diuretic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and chologogue effects. Studies undertaken by scientists in in the United States gave evidence of an in vitro in an artificial environment and not imburana de cheiro the animal anti-tumour action when the Tonka bean seed extracts were used in imburana de cheiro rodent mammary cancer model.

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Constituents Chemical analysis of Tonka beans has revealed imburana de cheiro on average, they may enclose anything between 1 per cent to 3 per cent coumarin. However, it has also been found that the coumarin content in a number strains that have been examined may be very high, almost 10 per cent.


Coumarin is a very familiar phytochemical that possesses anti-coagulant or imburana de cheiro thinning properties and is used to produce a prescription drug called Warfarin or coumadin. The access to both serial titles and articles is available via indexes and search forms.

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