Definition of love in the Idioms Dictionary. love phrase. What does love expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Here are 10 phrases to help you charm someone you care about this February 14th. Fall in Love / To Fall For Someone. Those Three Little Words. Be the Apple of Your Eye. Take Your Breath Away. Fancy Someone. the Question. Down on One Knee. Made in Heaven. You don't just have to say you love someone: you can say you have a crush, a soft spot for, or even the hots for them! Read on to get the whole guide to idioms of.


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25 Fantastic Idioms about Love and their meanings

What sayings do English speakers use when talking about love? Jim and Lidia idioms about love been together for almost forty years. Jim considers Lidia to be the love of his life. Love is blind I must say. A face only a mother could love We always look young and beautiful to our mother.

Even if you break out in pimples or the first wrinkles appear idioms about love your face, your mother will still say that her child is the most beautiful of all.

My favourite boxer has a face only a mother could love. Despite the fact that she has a face only a mother could love, she is the best girl for me. Bob sent Idioms about love flowers even though she is dating Bill.

Thirty Idioms about Love

Love makes the world go round This idiom in English means that love is the principal force in human life. I wish the nations idioms about love stop fighting: This is often used in romantic contexts.

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Be an item Meaning: Two people are an idioms about love when they are having a romantic relationship Example: Be lovey — dovey Meaning: Expressing your love in public by constantly idioms about love and hugging Example: When two people who have never seen each other before go on a date Example: My sister keeps organising blind dates for me.

Blinded by love Meaning: He is not a good person, he is rude and disrespectful to everyone around him, including her. End the relationship Example: Marian and Joseph have split up.

I wonder what went wrong. They were so good together.


Carry a Torch for Meaning: To continue to be in love with someone even after a relationship has ended Example: Look at Susan-Joe broke up with her a idioms about love ago, but she still carries a torch for him.

Have the hots for somebody Meaning: Finding somebody extremely attractive Example: Nadine has the hots for the new apprentice.

Kiss and make up Meaning: Make peace after an argument Example: Our relationship is like a roller-coaster ride. We fight nearly every day, but then we always kiss and make up.

Falling in love with somebody the first time you see them Idioms about love