I Remember Lemuria! - Kindle edition by Richard S. Shaver. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. I know only that I remember Lemuria! Remember it with a faithfulness that I accept with the absolute conviction of a fanatic. And yet, I am not fanatic; I am a. I Remember Lemuria And The Return Of Sathanas has 20 ratings and 5 reviews. Derek said: I'm kind of uncomfortable treating these stories as conventional.


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Rock Books[ edit ] During the s and s, now living in obscurity, Shaver searched for physical evidence of the bygone prehistoric i remember lemuria.

He claimed to find it in certain rocks, which he believed were "rock books" that had been created by the great ancients and embedded with legible pictures and texts. For years he wrote about i remember lemuria rock books, photographed them, and made paintings of the images he found in them to demonstrate their historic importance.

He even ran a "rock book" lending library through the mail, sending a slice of polished agate with a detailed description of what writings, drawings, and photographs he claimed were archived by Atlanteans inside the i remember lemuria using special laser-like devices. Shaver never succeeded in generating much attention for his later findings during his lifetime, but there have been exhibits of Shaver's art and photographs in the years i remember lemuria his death.

Full text of "Richard S. Shaver - I Remember Lemuria"

Shaver's art has also been exhibited in galleries in New York City, and in a traveling exhibition of " outsider photography " called "Create and Be Recognized" that originated at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in In that exhibition, which toured the USA, Shaver's "rock book" photography was grouped i remember lemuria works by i remember lemuria "outsider artists", including Henry Darger and Adolf Wolfli.

Influence and references to the Shaver Mystery[ edit ] After its initial effect on the Amazing Stories readership, the Shaver Mystery continued to influence science fiction and other general literature.


Many modern books, movies, and games make references to Deros and other aspects of Shaver's story. The Shaver Mystery has also influenced believers of paranormal phenomena.

I Remember Lemuria: I Remember Lemuria: Chapter I. City of the Titans

This has taken various forms, from suspected connections between the Deros and UFOs to appearances of the Deros in the mythology of the Church of the Subgenius. However, he did use elements of the Shaver Mystery in one of his own science fiction short stories.

One story, " The Elevator People " reports that "[t]here are five i remember lemuria buildings in the United States whose elevators go deeper than the basement". Those unfortunates who descend to the caverns emerge nearly catatonic after being "treated" by the evil cavern inhabitants.

The movie references Shaver's books directly, as well as showing Deros at several times during the film. Richard Shaver and the Deros are mentioned on a plaque in the video game Shiversnext to a sculpture of a Dero in the "Subterranean World" room.

Both Shaver and his work, as well as Amazing Stories, are amongst the esoteric i remember lemuria unusual ideas referred to in the Philip K. Dick novel Confessions of a Crap Artist.

These derro make raids on the surface to kidnap humans for use as slaves and food, and some among them, called Savants, possess magical and psychic powers which they can use to influence people's minds.

They are said to have a main stronghold deep underground where i remember lemuria plot the overthrow of humanity.

Richard Sharpe Shaver

i remember lemuria The novel Tamper, by Bill Ectric, takes its name from Shaver's description of the Deros' ability to tamper with the minds of humans with invisible rays.

In the book, a boy obsessed with the "Shaver Mystery" begins to hear strange noises in his parents' basement, which may or may not be real. Finally in DecemberPalmer was pressured by management; Shaver was banned from the magazine, and Palmer quit as editor of Amazing Stories in solidarity.

Shaver maintained to the last that his story was true. Palmer, however, got a second act: The very first issue broke the Arnold flying saucer story, which started the UFO craze.

Shaver moved to Arkansas, continued self-publishing, and started a rock shop. He remained friends i remember lemuria Palmer until they both died in