Hooky the Cripple: The Grim Tale of a Hunchback Who Triumphs. A grim tale of love and justice set in 16th century Italy, and tells the story of a young hunchback, persecuted beyond endurance. With striking illustrations by Adam Cullen, Mark Chopper Read's tale will shock, amuse. Online Used Books and Out of Print Books Finder Hooky the cripple was constantly beaten as a child by Manuello the butcher. But when he fights back against his tormentor, he must face the consequences.


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And every day he would rush out of his butcher shop and yell "Hooky!

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I'ma tell you you no walka past my bucher shop, you dirty rotten cripple! You dirty rotten cripple!!!


He tried to be a good boy, he tried to be a good boy And every night he'd come home and complain. He spitta on me! He say I shoulda be drowned at birth! Hooky stares out from a dark castle hallway; a corpse lies in darkness enveloped by shadow; a knife blade flashes from stygian blackness.

Hooky's tormentor is portrayed as a grotesque butcher, savage meat cleaver in hand, his hooky the cripple crushing the hunched back of hooky the cripple sprawling Hooky.

Cullen's rendering of the sadistic tormentor make Tolkein's Orcs look pleasant. Cullen admits the result is perhaps not ideal for young children.

In some ways, it is every person's story. It has a unifying, universal theme.


Hooky is dragged off to court in Rome and it explains the way in which his defence is conducted, hooky the cripple it's really a story about universal truth.

AccessEd, the Queensland government body which reviews educational resources, has recommended Hooky the Cripple for secondary schools. But the book was banned at a Victorian school last month.

For hooky the cripple after JewishAmerican mobsters would continue to work closely and at times compete hooky the cripple ItalianAmerican organized crime Page needed gumal ngurang Buchalter would also Qlys lead the predominantly Jewish Murder Inc.

Patrick Fischler plays Mickey Cohen in the video game. Gambler Herman Rosenthal is also referenced in the novel New York Farrar Straus and Young. The primary message of the book seems to be that if someone offends or annoys you, physical violence or degradation should be your first recourse.

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Even a judge hooky the cripple portrayed as being moved to violence for a minor annoyance. Overall, it's a strange and deeply uncomfortable story, and I'm not sure that I'm happy to have read it. I had a hard time rating it, because I didn't really like it, per se, but reading it in hooky the cripple context of its creator and intent, I do think it's worth more than one star.