Hollow's Last Hope is a wilderness exploration and dungeon adventure for 1st-level characters, compatible with the world's most popular. This footage is from a Live Play Session of "Pathfinder" This game was played as an introduction to pathfinder for both myself, and my real life table top gr. Hollow's Last Hope can be run as a prequel to Crown of the Kobold King or can serve as a standalone adventure. Level, 1st. Location(s), Darkmoon Wood.


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Reda encountered the Thereback Travelers on the road and gave Pacer to them before returning to her own lands. The Thereback accepted the baby hollow s last hope their ranks, made largely from Varisians and other runaways they picked up along the road, and into their trip hollow s last hope Andoran.

From then on, Pacer was raised by the Thereback as a whole, and the many families that it was made out of. Depending on who was available while they set up camp, or organized their defenses against the many dangers that threatened the roads of Golarion, she was given to different people on different days.


Whatever their thoughts on Pacer's heritage were, they raised her like any other child, with many believing that she was just a dark-skinned half-elf, while a few more knowledgeable members suspected the strong Drow heritage in her blood; thanks to the purple-tinted brown shade of her skin.

Just normal enough to make most people believe that she isn't one of the black-skinned Drow, but just unusual enough to plant the seeds of doubt in those who possess great knowledge.

The fact that she was a mongrel, in itself, definitely wasn't enough to stop the Thereback raising her; they were a ragtag band regardless, and the land of the free would hold no prejudice, so neither would they!

For her younger years, Pacer remembers the bards and minstrels of Thereback the most fondly; they were the ones who entertained her as a child with wondrous tales of noble heroes and the charming hollow s last hope at their sides, and they gave her a name.

For a few years, she was just referred to as "The Child", but they called her Pacer, because she was often found wandering around hollow s last hope forest or wilds they would rest near.

They taught her the ins and outs of conversation, so even as a child, strangers wouldn't turn her away; and giving her the ability to make good use of her adorableness meant that she could be used as a bargaining chip to stay on the land of even the most cold-hearted of farmers or nobles.

Who could turn away a sobbing child, even if her family was around one hundred people strong?

[OOC] Hollow's Last Hope

Whatever their reasons, they planted a seed of a concept in Pacer's mind. The fact that trickery was a useful tool, when a good purpose was in one's heart.

When her adolescence came, Pacer spent most of the time with the more experienced Therebacks. Teenagers were a troublesome lot at the best of times, and she would need the firm hand hollow s last hope guidance of them in order to control her attitude and her newly-forming worldviews.

Hollow's Last Hope

The first thing she began to question was the Thereback and its goals; so they explained them to her. The majority of them were civilians of Varisia, who were quite tired of the games the nobles played and their leader, Solomon Thereback Who named the group and himself after themwas frustrated by the amorous activities hollow s last hope one Perishial Hollow s last hope and the supposed noblewomen who he shared trysts with.

It was the straw that broke Solomon's back, and it was with the latest newborn he'd heard of that he gathered his many companions over the years and left for the lands of Andora; where the people would be able to rule themselves and not have to deal with the corruption and degradation of so-called nobles.

Everyone not from Varisia joined up at some point along the hollow s last hope whether out of necessity or because they hollow s last hope swayed by Solomon's charisma.

In addition to the opinionated environment of the Thereback Travelers, Pacer had to deal with a fair amount of cynicism from those she spent her teenage years around, which did include Solomon, who was quite curious indeed about the growth of the Thereback child.

He had seen himself as something of a distant father figure, and hollow s last hope intervened when he knew she was out of her childhood.

It was he who tried to instill some cynicism in the young girl, claiming things like she hollow s last hope not fall in love or lust, because that way would lead to the corruption he ran away from, as well as the fact that hollow s last hope were too many people she couldn't trust.

Calmly and politely, Pacer rebutted his views; the Bards had given her the gift of optimism and heroism, and it wouldn't be diminished by anything; much less an authority figure while she was in her teenage years.

Every time Solomon tried, he would inevitably get tired, but not angry, about her not agreeing with him, and allow her to do her own things. By that point, Pacer had discovered her own goals in life, or at least what she thought they were.