Looking for online definition of histology in the Medical Dictionary? histology explanation free. What is histology? Meaning of histology medical term. What does. Definition of histology - the study of the microscopic structure of tissues. 1: a branch of anatomy that deals with the minute structure of animal and plant tissues as discernible with the microscope — compare gross anatomy. 2: a treatise on histology. 3: tissue structure or organization.


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In a test or exam look at the number of marks allocated histology definition answers for each part of the question and give short concise answers where only one mark is available but include more detailed information where several histology definition are indicated.

Histology | definition of histology by Medical dictionary

Uses of Histology Education - Histology slides are often used in teaching laboratories to help students learn histology definition the microstructures of human and animal biological tissues. Diagnosis for histology definition - Biological tissue samples taken from a patient that is, a specific person or animal's histology definition may be studied in detail to enable medical or veterinary experts to learn more about the patient's condition and hence perhaps understand its causes and make recommendations for treatment or management of the condition.


Although the study of the microstructure of diseased cells and tissues e. Forensic investigations - Forensic histology, immunohistochemistry and cytology involving microscopic histology definition of biological tissues using various stains can help clarify the cause of sudden unexpected deaths and other issues in forensic science.

Methods have been invented of replacing the histology definition with plastic epoxy, then cutting through the hardened plastic. This method preserves the integrity of the internal components of the cell.

Similarly, cells can be frozen and then fractured apart. This also reveals the internal components histology definition the cell without damaging them.


These methods, in conjunction with new electron microscopy methods, have led to significant advances in histology and histology definition in general. Histology definition above image shows the results of the freeze fracture technique employed with an electron microscope.

These results helped show the complex arrangement of proteins which give structure to cell membranes.

Histology | Define Histology at

Scientists are now turning to histology to answer fundamental questions in many fields. For instance, the agricultural industry uses the histology of plants to identify early nutrient deprivations and histology definition usage.

The medical industry uses histology to diagnose and histology definition disease. The most basic form, a simple stain, is achieved by allowing a specialized staining material to wash over cells on a slide.

The stains are formulated so that they only stick to certain parts of a histology definition, such as the DNA.

Histology - Definition, Basic Procedures, Careers | Biology Dictionary

When the stain is washed away histology definition water, only the DNA or other targeted material remains stained. This allows for better and more advanced viewing of different processes.

It was in this way that the process of mitosis was first understood. Another technique, sectioning, is used in many fields to identify the internal components of cells. Often used in histology definition with staining, this technique involves fixing a cell in a solid material so that sections of it can be cut off.

At the simplest level, this can be done with an extremely sharp knife histology definition an onion cell, but most applications require more precision.


Histology definition have been invented of replacing the cytoplasm with plastic epoxy, then cutting through the hardened histology definition.

This method preserves the integrity of the internal components of the cell. By Editors Histology Definition Histology is the study of the microscopic anatomy microanatomy of cells and tissues.