Herramientas Digitales Basadas en la. Acción: Aprendizaje de las Matemáticas en. Alumnos de seis Años. Peter J.N. NEW DIGITAL TOOLS FOR ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS Strongly committed to architecture and design, Grespania is releasing a wide variety of. REVISTAS. Destinations. PERIODICOS. INTERNET. HERRAMIENTAS DIGITALES. COMPUTADORA. Destinations. RADIO. TELEVISION. 0.


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Herramientas digitales | Spanish Translator

During a mouse test it was investigated to what extent children were able to handle a computer mouse. The test consisted of a simple PowerPoint herramientas digitales presented on a laptop in front of the child. The sheet contained 6 blue circles set out over a green canvas.

In the centre of the circles a number was written The aim of herramientas digitales test was to click as fast as possible on each number in ascending order without making any herramientas digitales.

This test consisted of 20 sheets of paper A4. On each paper a thick black horizontal line of 24,2 cm was drawn. Two centimetres above the line, in the middle, a number was written The aim of the test was to estimate where the number should be located on the number line as ac- curately as possible.


The BOT II is an instrument for measuring gross and fine motor skills in children, ranging from those who are normally de- veloping to those with moderate motor-skill deficits. Herramientas digitales tests consists of 8 subtests: For the present study we selected a limited number of items for fine motor perform- ance: In herramientas digitales to assess the gross motor performance another four items were selected: The intervention used in the present study consisted of playing a num- ber game on 6 different moments.

Herramientas digitales the number game the child played against a com- puter. In the centre of the screen 11 blue coloured blocks were arranged in a horizontal line for a screenshot, see Figure 1.

On the start square the pawn of the child and that of the computer could be herramientas digitales. Below the number line a two-coloured Dejonckheere, P. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, 12 http: In herramientas digitales upper half of the dice number 1 was written, in the lower half number 2.

For each game, the child was permitted to begin. Before a pawn could be moved, a dice had to be thrown by clicking it.

Fomento a la lectura con herramientas digitales – unomásuno

Thereafter, the herramientas digitales let an arrow turn and stopped it ran- domly, either on the upper half 1 or on the lower half 2. Once this was done, the entire process was repeated by the computer throwing the herramientas digitales and moving its pawn.

The purpose of the game was to be the first to reach the end of the line.