Jigoku Shoujo summary: From The Waffle House: Hey, do you know about Hell's Hotline? There is a legend among the youths, saying that. Enma Ai, the hell girl, takes on the revenge for them in exchange for eternity in hell after Hell Girl R Manga Ends in Nakayoshi Shōjo Magazine (Mar 2, ). Looking for information on the manga Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and.


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Also, the straw figurine with the string was not featured in the first few chapters. Subsequently, its appearance is no longer as ubiquitous as its anime counterpart.


Ai's clients need only to accept the contract, and the victims' torture by Ai and her helpers would then begin. In some cases, the torture begins after she has rung her bracelet in front of her victim and not before as seen in the anime.

Yuka has had hell girl manga and goes to Hell Correspondence hell girl manga midnight and types in Morisaki's name. Ai receives the message and sets out to do her duty.

Jigoku Shoujo

The next morning, Hiromi has finished a new creation, but then becomes hell girl manga from working too hard. However, Morisaki has also copied the creation and Yuka informs her sister.

Then, she notices that someone stole Hiromi's cakes and the place is vandalized. Hiromi is taken to the hospital after she collapses, and Yuka is informed that she has hell girl manga working too hard. Yuka decides to take vengeance and takes a cutting knife. Hell Girl arrives at Morisaki's bakeshop and she tells him of the sins he committed.

The punishment begins; hell girl manga, Hone Onna asks if Morisaki really stole Hiromi's creations and everyone turns against him, even his employees.

Then, Wanyuudou and Ren appear as exterminators, claiming that Morisaki's place is unsanitary, and ants appear in Morisaki's ingredients.

Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 01

Wanyuudou and Ren use a rubber cement substance and Morisaki becomes trapped and the torture continues as Ai takes him to hell. The last scene features Inoue's bake shop, now closed due to bankruptcy.

Yuka and Hiromi look at their shop, but the two hell girl manga to start over and buy back the shop. Fallen Idol Edit The chapter starts with a girl named Sakura Kurokawa who was announced that she was given a part hell girl manga a drama based on the rumors of Hell Girl; she'll be playing as Hell Girl.

Manga Information

Her hell girl manga, Kaoruko Naurse, told her that bad things may happen to those who take part in a horror or spooky drama, the thought sent shivers down to Sakura's hell girl manga but she brushes it off and keeps the part.

One day, she comes to the set and sees a bouquet of chrysanthemums entitled for her; apparently, those flowers mean that someone has died. She then goes into the manager's office, only to find out that her homepage has been hacked by someone unknown and that person had typed the words 'you will die'.


Not only that, someone has taken a picture of her while she was changing her clothes and she had been receiving a lot of prank calls; but she doesn't want the harassment to get in the way of the film production.

The make-up artist heard about her situation and told hell girl manga if hell girl manga was anything that he could do to help she could just tell him. It may just be because of sympathy and kindness, but Sakura thought that the make-up artist was creeping her out.

Her friend tells her she should be careful hell girl manga him. A while later, the manager found out that the hacker was indeed the make-up artist; he found pictures of Sakura on his laptop and has confronted him about it.

Hell Girl (manga) - Anime News Network:W

But the make-up artist refuse to admit his mistake and it gets him fired. Just when Sakura thought it was over she received a message that she was still being watched, and the message says: Then, there's an accident on the set; the chains bound to the lights have been cut hell girl manga and they land on Sakura, injuring hell girl manga, and she is sent to the hospital.

When she askes the manager if the make-up artist had been caught by the police yet, he tells her that the make-up artist had a strong alibi, thus he can not be captured. Then, it turns out the mastermind behind it all was in fact, her friend, Kaoruko, who said that Sakura always looked down at her, and said that it served her right for what she had done; she has been chosen as a replacement for Sakura for playing the role as 'Hell Girl' when it was found out that Sakura could not walk.